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████ ██████, before the aquisition of her anomalous traits.


Asset-ID: A-002

Form-factor: Sapient

Threat Level: Yellow

Hazards: Transmutable, Aggression, Regenerative, Contact, Aquatic

Active Protocols: A-002 is to be kept securely locked in the remote confinement pen 70 kilometers from Site-002 (designated as Site-002-A "The Ziggurat") in a standard humanoid containment chamber. All existing or replacement appliances must be colored or covered in shades of green.

All liquid matter must be stored at least 10 kilometers away from A-002's containment chamber. Lavatories used in Site-002-A must be a type of vacuum-disposal units. Personnel assigned to A-002 cannot carry any form of liquid on site. In the case of rain, the containment chamber holding A-002 must be able to be saturated with aerosol sedatives in no less than 30 seconds.

No personnel is allowed to wear garments in the color of aqua green (hex-code: #03BB85) near A-002. No male personnel (especially aged 13-25) are allowed to enter A-002’s containment chamber. Experimentation and interaction with A-002 are restricted to female personnel with security clearance of Level 3 or higher.

All personnel entering A-002’s containment chamber must be accompanied by no less than 2 armed personnel armed with an industrial grade net gun aimed upon A-002 at all times. Interviews are to be conducted via intercom and observations of the entity are to be recorded through a singular 9 cm thick bulletproof window.

A-002 does not appear to require any form of sustenance, rather an “offering” consisting of assorted dried fish is to be served to A-002 on a circular woven bamboo platter topped with banana leaves. Offerings are to be made at any time of the day or upon request.

A-002 is to be given items upon request that does not violate the standard asset containment protocols. Items requested must be approved prior by at least two Level 3 personnel or higher.

Current items requested include:

  • 1 male human sacrifice every April. (denied)
  • 16 rolls of aqua green wallpapers. (approved)
  • 1 oil painting of its popular depiction. (approved)
  • 3 bouquets of Polianthes tuberosa flowers and to be changed once every 3 days. (approved)

The full list of requested items is available in Document 002-A.


A-002 containment chamber.

Description: A-002 is a shape-shifting1 perception shifting humanoid entity appearing as a woman in her twenties measuring 165 cm in height with a slim build and an approximate weight of 55 kg wearing 16th century Yogyakarta sultanate dress in four different shades of green.

A-002 shows an excellent resilience towards projectile and blunt force trauma—while unable to ignore pain she is able to regenerate missing limbs completely within 24 hours. Despite its resilience, the entity can be rendered unconscious by typical means; heavy blunt force trauma to the head and sedation has proven to be the most effective. A-002 possesses the ability to manipulate liquid matter in a 5 10-kilometer proximity. Oddly, the entity cannot manipulate bodily fluids (blood, sweat, etc.).

The entity changes shape alters any subject's perception of it as either a form of intimidation, lure, or camouflage mechanism. Known shapes include the following:

  • Sea serpent with serrated scales measuring approximately 10 meters in length.
  • Female researcher with facial features similar to Dr. ███████.
  • An elderly woman who appears to have Parkinson's Disease measuring approximately 145 cm in height.

A-002 possesses the ability to instantly terminate subjects by direct skin contact. Extensive experiments with Class-D personnel with directives to harm A-002 result in the instant cessation of chemical processes in the brain upon contact. Studies have shown rare cases where A-002 attempts to seduce male subjects into [REDACTED] while ignoring most female subjects.

A-002 is capable of speaking fluent Indonesian, Dutch, Japanese, and English. The entity refuses to discuss its past life events prior to containment. A-002 immediately changes the subject if questioned about the acquisition of its anomalous abilities.

A-002 is formerly named by the residents of Yogyakarta as “Nyai Roro Kidul” Other names include "Ratu Laut Selatan"2 and "Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Kidul"3. A-002 has personally requested personnel who are interviewing to address the entity with its birth name, ████ ██████.

Appendix 1: Acquisition: A-002 came to Initiative attention after an OSS Agent ██████ operating in the city of Yogyakarta in ██/██/194█ reported a sensation of unease corresponding to his other colleagues. Captain █████ ███████ of the CIA riverboat Madame Crack had also reported a similar sensation in ██/██/195█while sailing along the southern coast. The sensation abruptly stopped after the boat traveled 40 kilometers upstream from the mouth of the Progo River.

A-002 was detained by the Initiative in ██/██/████ following the CIA's failed coup attempt to overthrow [DATA EXPUNGED]. The recovery of A-002 was done with relative ease. Using only a primitive fishnet, and a crippled 26-year-old male subject as a lure was sufficient enough for capture. However, due to the nature of the entity, violent waves measuring ██ meters high were spotted in the Indian Ocean causing ██ Initiative and CIA agents to either be killed upon impact or MIA along with ███ local residents.

A-002 was transported to Site-002-A without event. Dr. Magenta Almeida was reassigned as the Head Researcher to oversee A-002 after the neutralization of A-████. Dr. Almeida resigned in ██/██/████ and was replaced with the current head researcher Dr. Malina Reynolds.

Appendix 2: Recontainment Protocols:

Protocol 002-B-1 "Drought"

Regarding the re-containment of A-002. The following procedure will occur in the event of a containment breach:

  • On-site personnel with security clearance Level 1 and/or above are to be evacuated out of Site-002-A with male personnel to be prioritized.
  • All plumbing pipes within a 20-kilometer proximity from Site-002-A are to be purged immediately.
  • All of Site-002-A's dehumidifier systems to be activated at once.
  • ISF quick response team NRK-01 "Siren" is to be dispatched immediately to Site-002-A armed with 1 industrial grade net gun, 1 non-lethal taser, 3 sedative grenades, and a truncheon.

Protocol 002-B-2 "Siluman"

Regarding the re-containment of A-002. The following procedure will occur in the event of a containment breach with A-002 has successfully escaped containment using its camouflage measure.

  • Site-002-A is to be locked down thoroughly, personnel who attempted or successfully escaped Site-002-A are to be apprehended immediately by any means deemed necessary.
  • On-site personnel is to be gathered in the main corridor. Mandatory identification check is to be initiated by at least two Level 4 personnel and/or higher.
  • All plumbing pipes within a 40-kilometer proximity from Site-002-A are to be purged immediately.
  • All of Site-002-A's dehumidifier systems are to be activated at once.
  • On-site security guards with Level 3 security clearance are to receive standard A-002 containment gear from Site-002-A's armory.
  • Initiative satellite and/or high-altitude reconnaissance UAV to scan the perimeter of Site-002-A in a 20 kilometers radius with FLIR and IRNV systems.
  • Initiative destroyers AS Ratatosk, AS Arachnae and AS Voortrekker are to stand by near the coast of [REDACTED].
  • ISF quick response teams NRK-02 "Mermaid" are to standby outside of Site-002-A. (NRK-02 may be provided with one of Initiative IFV LAV-25 and two of Initiative FAV Meyers Manx.)

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