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Asset-ID: A-003


Threat Level: Red

Hazards: Immeasurable, Sapient Hazard
Active Protocols:Containment A-003 is not a waste of A-003, it is too dangerous to contain. The A-003 is in Dy-23. Although Containment The Mobile Strike Forces-BETA-01 (secondary unit) will help with this, but using a room large enough to accommodate units in the Dy-23 would be a good idea. A- 003 from 12:30 until 18:00

Description: A-003 is a bed with a pink blanket which is normal but if anyone sleeps on the bed A-003 (hereinafter referred to as A-003-1), it will be A-003-2 Finally, and A-003-2 will look like a dead body so that all personnel must go out. But the secret of A-003-1 is the explosion of their own place

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