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A photo of A-004-3's workroom; Taken with a body camera by D-1451 [See Testing Log 01]

Asset-ID: A-004

Form-Factor: Inanimate

Hazards: Aggression Hazard, Sentient Hazard

Threat Level: Green

Active Protocols: A-004 is to be contained on OL-Site-57, a sub-section of Site-002, and surrounded by 100 meters of aluminum fencing measuring 4 meters high. At least eight Initiative security members are to be stationed outside of A-004's entrance at all times. Anyone caught trying to enter A-004 without Level-3 credentials is to be captured and sent for questioning.

Description: A-004 is the designation given to a building located in [REDACTED], Nebraska. The exterior of A-004 is coated in lime-green paint, and the words "Dutchmann Orthodontics" are plastered above the entrance. The only way to enter and exit A-004 is through it's front door. A-004's interior consists of two separate rooms, the first of which appears to be a waiting room consisting of numerous chairs as well as a front desk. The second room is at the end of a short hallway that leads out of the waiting room. This room contains numerous types of orthodontic equipment, as well as a doctors chair and an examination light. A single window is present on the north end of the room, however testing has shown that the window is impenetrable and can not be broken under any means. Both rooms are visibly weathered, and peeling paint as well as signs of structural damage is present in both the interior and exterior walls of A-004. A-004 is always open and accepting new test subjects.

A-004's anomalous properties manifest when 1-3 individuals go through it's front door and enter the waiting room. If more than 3 individuals attempt to enter A-004, random individuals will be launched out of the building at varying speeds through anomalous means until the limit is reached. Once the individuals enter A-004, the door will immediately shut and will resist all attempts to open it until all individuals who entered leave. A-004-1 through -3 reside in A-004. A-004-1 and -2 resemble women in blue hospital worker outfits, whose mouths have been observed to contain numerous over-sized and misshapen teeth. However, despite their appearance, A-004-1 and -2 are capable of speech. The color of A-004-1 through -3's skin appear to be a shade of dark grey. A-004-3 is a bald man in a white surgical gown who inhabits A-004's second room. A-004-3 claims to be the owner of A-004, and says that his name is "Doctor Leonardo Dutchmann".

The subjects will be greeted by A-004-1 and A-004-2 once they enter the waiting room. A-004-2 will greet the subject/s by their name and state that they are late for their appointment. A-004-1 will then grab the subject and escort them down the hallway leading to the second room where A-004-3 resides. If more than one test subject is present, then A-004-1 will choose one of the individuals at random and instruct the remaining one/s to sit in a chair and "wait for their turn". All attempts to resist A-004-1 have resulted in it terminating it's subject by producing a scalpel via a pocket in it's uniform and stabbing the victim repeatedly in the chest.

Once A-004-1 escorts an individual to the second room, it will close the door behind them and leave them there. A-004-1 will then return to the waiting room and sit next to A-004-2. A-004-3 will greet the individual and tell them to sit down in the doctors chair. On certain occasions, A-004-3 will state how "imperfect" he thinks the subject's teeth are. Once the individual does so, A-004-3 will produce a surgical needle filled with an unidentified yellow liquid and inject it into the subject's arm. This liquid appears to have a sedation effect and will cause the subject to fall asleep. A-004-3 will then produce a variety of different orthodontic and surgical tools and begin operating on the subject. Once the operation is complete, the individual will wake up and become an instance of A-004-Alpha. A-004-2 will then open the door and escort the A-004-Alpha instance out of A-004. If human subjects are still present in A-004, then the process will start over.

A-004-Alpha are nearly identical to humans with the exception that their mouths have now been mutilated and disfigured. The teeth and jaws of A-004-Alpha are replaced with parts from a variety of different animal species. In certain cases, the stress from the added weight and size of the newly added body parts will cause tearing in the face and stretching of the skin. Instances of A-004-Alpha are generally non-hostile and some can still be capable of speech. When asked about their current state, instances will talk about how A-004-3 has made them "perfect", and will only act out with hostility when proposed with the idea of returning to their normal states. There are currently ██ A-004-Alpha instances in containment.

Discovery: A-004 was discovered after residents of [REDACTED] Nebraska discovered the presence of numerous instances of A-004-Alpha and alerted the local police force.. The police investigated A-004 and attempted to arrest A-004-1 through -3, resulting in the deaths of ██ officers. The Initiative was notified and evacuated the town. All residents were mind-wiped using amnestics and cover story S94-A1 was implemented. All instances of A-004-Alpha were seized and placed in containment.


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