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A-006 In service with Echelon-07, 15/4/2004.

Asset-ID #: A-006

Threat Level: Yellow

Form-factor: Sapient

Active Protocols: A-006 is to be contained within a standard humanoid containment chamber at Site-014 As of 27/9/2000, due to Its anomalous properties, A-006 was allowed to, and has, joined the Echelon-07 division of the Initiative Security Forces. A GPS tracking device has been implanted in A-006's neck. If A-006 strays too far from Echelon-07 Personnel, NDI Personnel are to track down and temporarily contain A-006. However, the aforementioned scenario has not occurred.

Description: A-006 is a Human female standing at 175 centimeters and weighing 66 kilograms. A-006's name is recorded to be Nadia Vallotton.1 A-006 has been noted be fluent in French and English, although A-006's English is accented. A-006 has not been noted to harm any personnel, and in one instance, has shown to protect staff from harm in situations.2

A-006 is anatomically identical to a non-anomalous human female from the age range of 23-27. Although not the best in these regards, A-006 contains more notable strength, agility, and endurance when compared to the average human female. A-006's anomalous properties manifest when A-006 is fatally injured. Upon the neutralization of A-006, A-006 will re-manifest in the location it was last sighted in. This process is theorized to work via a form of a localized time loop. Further evidence to support this theory is the fact that A-006 does not age. A-006 can also reanimate organisms when neutralized, although strict conditions must be met for this process to occur. A-006 can not properly replicate inanimate objects via this method, however.

Addenda-006-A—Discovery: A-006 was discovered on 26/█/1999, when A-006 was shot fatally by accident during a military exercise outside of Amiens, France. A-006 re-manifested 5 seconds later, completely unharmed. The French Army contacted the New Dawn Initiative, who contained A-006 at Site-014. Adrien Molyneux, the leader of the Echelon-07 division, recommended that A-006 join Echelon-07 after testing with some limitations.

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