A 007
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Asset-ID: A-XXXX


Threat Level: Green

Active Protocols: A-007-1 can be allowed to work with cafeteria staff. A-007-2 claims to require no specific placement for A-007-1 except that it should be “somewhat roomy.” Leftovers and scraps must be given to A-007-1 weekly, and any extra feedings in that timeframe is allowed. It is prohibited to touch or aggravate A-007-2 lest the staff suffer injuries. Monthly, a scheduled interview with A-007-2 is held to find out about more information, if any information can be given.

Description: A-007-1 is an aluminum lunch box measuring 10.5 x 5 x 5.5 in. The cover art contains a stereotypical French chef with a thin, curled mustache and chef attire. He is holding a plate with a cooked chicken. The background is a standard five-star restaurant kitchen, and there is text that reads, “Lunch is fun!” in French next to the chef. The cover art appears identical on both sides of the lunchbox. No trademark, or copyright is found anywhere on the box.

A-007-1 anomalous properties manifest once any food object is placed inside A-007-1. Once the food object is placed inside and A-007-1 is closed, after a time period of 5 minutes to 7 hours (depending on food and/or how many ingredients are placed inside) A-007-1 opens. An arm, A-007-2, inside the lunchbox opens the case. A-007-2 is adorned in standard executive chef attire and will always come out with a plate of food. The plate can range from being a 5 x 5 in. standard white plate, to 1 x 2 ft. metal platter, and in order to fit the plate through, A-007-2 bends the lunchbox with slight difficulty and re-bends it back to its original shape.

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