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Asset-ID: A-008


Threat Level: Yellow

Hazards: Sentient Hazard, Memetic Hazard

Active Protocols: A-008 Active On Site-███ In Yellow Zone And Active Room Will Lock 24 Hour So Don't D-Class or Whoever Is Not a Levels-5 Into Active Room If Them Not allow From High Levels.

And If Someone Please User Mark-MSF-Gamma-24("The Zombie Behide") Because Impact From A-008 is a Memetic Hazard And After Exsit From Room All Security Will Protect From Behide And Please Take Off The Mark-MSF-Gamma-24("Zombie Behide") And Good Luck!

Description: A-008 is a Entity Called"Misson"1 And Impact From Misson is a If Someone Control By Misson Can't Remember About Himself And If Misson is a Powerfull He Will Kill You And Contal You Body 100%, And Association Have a Theory About Misson Born From Entity Called"Darkiplier" Because After Some Security See or Know About Darkiplier He Really Contal By Misson After He Know About Darkiplier Exist, So Initiative Add Misson In a Memetic Hazard.

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