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A-009 in containment

Message to all Research Personnel:
This database entry is listed in consecutive iterations for archival and research purposes. All iterations besides the final one are inaccurate and out of date. If you have any questions please contact the nearest Project Manager.


Asset ID: A-009

Form-factor: Sentient

Hazards: Sentient Hazard, Contact Hazard, Philosophical Hazard

Threat Level: Yellow

Active Protocols: A-009, as well as instances of A-009-1 are to be contained in a Yellow-Class animal containment unit inside of Containment Wing 04 at Site-88. Personnel must clean the waste-boxes of A-009-1 on a daily basis, failure to do so will result in severe reprimands. Tests can only be conducted by personnel with Level-2 Clearance and above, as well as be accompanied by at least one armed security guard.

Description: A-009 appears to be a five-year-old British Short-hair house cat. The anomalous properties of A-009 manifest when an individual comes into physical contact with it by means of scratching or petting. When contact is made with A-009, the individual will experience a state of "mind control" and become an instance of A-009-1. A-009-1 will retain all human abilities and memories, however they will demonstrate newfound abnormal characteristics. There are currently ██ instances of A-009-1.

Characteristics of A-009-1

  • Extreme levels of infatuation with A-009, often neglecting their own needs in order to provide it with "care" and "attention".
  • Attempting to kill anyone that they deem "unworthy of the love of our Queen".1
  • A desire to pursue "cat-like" lifestyles, during the brief moments when they are not tending to the needs of A-009. This includes eating cat food, playing with a variety of toys, and defecating in small, sand-filled boxes.
  • Encouragement of others to touch A-009 if they have not yet done so.

Testing has shown that individuals who have experienced the death of a pet cat, as well as those who express severe animosity towards cats are immune to the effects of A-009.

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