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Asset-ID: 011 Level 3/011
Threat Level: Green Classified


Panoramic view of A-011's location


Asset-ID: A-011

Threat Level: Green

Active Protocols: The creation of an Initiative controlled tourist attraction, operating under the name "Clanyard Bay Phantom Piper Cave", has been deemed necessary as part of A-011's ongoing active protocols due to its presence in local folklore and mythology.

Efforts to discourage disruptive forces such as tourists, conspiracy hunters, and G.O.I's, are described in the induction package, page four, Distraction Protocols, and include examples such as random placement of industry standard containment doors, staff who refuse to answer (or act suspiciously when asked) certain questions, and warnings to visiting members of the public not to enter specific caverns or touch certain objects.

The actual location of A-011 is to be registered and secured under Cover Protocol Zeta-3: Asbestos Dump, with Initiative presence under the guise of a clean-up style operation.
The entrance to A-011 should be sealed when not in use for testing and regular checks are to be made on A-011's perimeter.
Lethal force is authorized to prevent entry if necessary. However all Armed personnel should not present themselves as armed in order to deter suspicion1.
Any instances of A-011-1 are to be documented by staff on site, before being transferred to Site-9 for further study.

Description: A-011 is a cave network in the Inchnadamph region of Northern Scotland. It has a single entrance, two large interior chambers, one of which features a small pool, and around 5.1km of narrow passageways ending approximately 600m underground.

Anomalous properties are only observed when a person, or persons, enters A-011 and states clearly in the Scottish Gaelic language "Tha mi a’ miannachadh"2 followed by any other word or phrase in any language.
Persons affected by A-011 will become easily confused and disorientated, quickly losing sight of anyone else, and appearing to vanish from the perspective of any observers. Subject will then find themselves in a tunnel section of A-011, not accessible through normal means, with poor visibility.
This tunnel is approximately 1.3m wide and is suspected to be infinite in length. A-011's secondary effect will take place while subject is within this chamber.

A subject can return to the entrance of A-011 by turning around and walking three paces. Testing has shown this to occur regardless of how far into A-011 the subject has progressed.

At some point, during the subjects duration within this tunnel section, the affected subject will acquire an object, known as A-011-1. Testing has shown this can occur in a range of different ways including finding an A-011-1 instance in a pocket or attached to an item of clothing, or to finding it within A-011 positioned in such a way that subject would walk into it. In several cases testing subjects have emerged from A-011 carrying an A-011-1 instance in their hands but, when questioned, were unable to remember picking it up.

A list of A-011-1 instances are detailed below:

Document 0011-1: A partial list of A-011-1 instances to date.

All subjects were equipped with a two-way radio headset and a flashlight. On entering none knew of A-████'s anomalous properties

Designation Subject Statement Instance Description
0011-1-1 D-9821 Was unaware of A-011 Subject was chosen as a control. Subject wandered around A-011's interior for several hours. After nothing happened subject was ordered to return
0011-1-2 D-1211 A good meal Subject found a flyer for a local restaurant in their pocket after exiting A-011
0011-1-3 D-9972 A job Subject exited A-011 holding a pay cheque from The Initiative. Further investigation revealed subject had been hired several weeks prior as a cleaner for Site-9 but an administrative glitch had accidentally registered them as D-class
0011-1-4 D-2718 A good drink Subject exited A-011 drenched in water
0011-1-5 D-2341 To leave A-011 Subject immediately re-appeared at the exit of A-011
0011-1-6 D-2213 see [my] daughter again Subject found a photo of his daughter in their back pocket upon exiting A-011
0011-1-7 D-4522 Unlimited Wishes Subject began screaming over supplied headset that they were unable to leave A-011. Subject became increasingly anxious and began running in both directions screaming the trigger phrase with additional statements until subject became blocked in by numerous objects which had materialized around them. Subject was advised to repeat trigger phrase and ask to leave A-011. Subject did so but claimed to be now under attack, subject was asked to clarify, subject began to scream and dropped headset. The distant sounds of someone running and the clatter of various objects were heard for several minutes until communication ceased.
0011-1-8 D-3678 The ability to fly Subject was ejected from the exit of A-011 at a velocity of approximately 340m/s. After visually tracking subject for several minutes MST Gamma-6 "Yer Da does Avon" were deployed to retrieve remains of D-3678. Subject was found just outside the Norwegian city of Stavanger approximately 643km away.
0011-1-9 D-0961 A hot chick Subject exited A-011 holding a box of spicy chicken wings which were promptly █████ by subject and assisting personnel.
0011-1-10 D-8121 Unlimited wealth Subject became crushed under, what is presumed to be, an unlimited amount of GBP coins of varying values.
0011-1-11 D-2111 A priceless object Subject was instructed to ask for a "Priceless Object" but instead asked for a "A New Dawn master keycard and a gun". Subject charged from the exit of A-011 and attempted to attack several researchers with what appeared to be a Nerf Gun. Subject was terminated by on-site security. Later search revealed subject to have a credit "Master Card" in his back pocket.
0011-1-12 Dr Amos Information on your creation, workings and intent Subject returned with a large book which on closer inspection was revealed to be a biography on the life of Dr Amos that included a highly detailed description of his conception, birth and the numerous revenge schemes he harboured against his old Headmaster, his second wife, his third wife, his current wife and ██████ ████████ █ ████-██. Dr Amos described the book as a "Damn good read"

Addendum: Discovery Logs

A-011 was discovered during a routine investigation of local myths and legends. A man in Edinburgh who ran a Poltergeist & Conspiracy theory blog claimed to have found the "real wishing cave" claiming he had wished for better hair and promptly revealing his pre-maturing baldness had been cured.
Agents became curious and decided to follow subject as he promised to livestream the location of the cave and his second wish.
Agents were able to isolate subjects phone and prevent broadcast. Containment team arrived at A-011 20 minutes later found no sign of subject but reported a statue of likeness identical to subject with the words "to be a stronger, more stable man" embedded onto the plinth.

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