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Picture taken by Dr. ██████ of A-013, outside of "working hours".


Asset-ID: A-013

Form Factor: Sapient

Threat Level: Yellow

Hazards: Sensory, Sapient

Active Protocols: A-013 is to be contained in a humanoid containment zone with the interior resembling that of a two story middle class house with 2 bathrooms measuring 1.5m x 2m x 4m, a living room measuring 8m x 8.5m x 5m, a kitchen along with a dining area measuring 7m x 9m x 5m, a bedroom measuring 9m x 9m x 5m, and a surgical lab measuring 9m x 8m x 4m within the vicinity of [DATA EXPUNGED]. A-013 is permitted to request a number of items and materials at the discretion of Level 3 Security Staff. Items A-013 commonly requests include books, DVD copies of movies and television shows, ingredients for a number of dishes, a number of medical tools, and a number of other miscellaneous items.

A-013 is permitted to request to go to most public areas of his choosing thrice-weekly, in order to better maintain A-013’s mental health. Initiative agents are ordered to monitor A-013 for the time he is outside of Initiative sites. As of ██/██/19██ (see Incident Report 013-1), A-013’s privileges for site leave are now to be kept to a minimum of once every two weeks. When A-013 requests to leave Initiative grounds he must be monitored by NDSF-Tango-9 “Cauldron”.

Description: A-013 is a 35 year old Caucasian male with brown hair and hazel eyes, standing at 173 cm and weighing 75 kg. A-013 refers to himself as John ██████. When A-013 is not in his “working hours”1 A-013 is commonly seen wearing a dress shirt, jeans, leather dress shoes and a silver watch on his left hand all of which have been provided to him by the Initiative. When in his “working hours,” he would be found in his lab addorning modern surgical attire including a white face mask, a light blue surgical cap, light blue sterilized surgical shirt and pants, surgical gloves, and white sterilized sneakers.

A-013’s personality is described as being uncomfortably chipper often having a smile. In addition to A-013 is unable to fully comprehend human emotions, often leading to seemingly immoral behaviors.

In his supposed “working hours” A-013 can be promised a sum of U.S. Dollars to perform “surgeries.” Exactly what A-013 does with the currency given is unknown. Upon receiving the sum A-013’s anomalous effects become active. A-013 can manipulate the physical forms of both biological and non-biological matter into any form chosen by the recipient of the “Surgery”. (To see the results of A-013’s anomalous effects, see experimentation logs 013-1 through 013-6). All patients of A-013 are an instance of A-013-1-X.

The exact method as to how A-013 activates his anomalous effects is unknown as any attempt to see A-013 performing “surgery” has been met with failure. In one instance D-Class personnel were ordered to ask A-013 if he could observe the “surgery” being performed on another D-Class, to which A-013 told him he could not as he “could contaminate the area” and was ordered to wait in A-013’s living room. The D-Class was then ordered to open the door to the surgical lab by Initiative personnel but had a strong compulsion not to, even when threatened with termination. In another instance to observe A-013’s “surgeries” a hidden camera was placed in the surgical lab of his containment zone, as the “surgery” was commencing on the D-Class individual, the camera’s visual and audio recorder went offline. Attempts to observe A-013’s anomalous effects have been discontinued. Due to the inability to observe A-013’s anomalous effects, there may be reason to believe that the inability to observe A-013 is an anomalous effect in itself.

A-013 claims to have been born on ██/██/19██ in ████████████ California, United States, but state records report no man by his name or age existing in the state. Additionally, A-013 claims to have studied at the University of California Davis under the major "Transformative Science" with a Doctorate degree to prove so. The degree appears to be authentic however, A-013 does not appear on any University records. In addition staff members and students for the class of ████ do not recognize anyone resembling A-013.

A-013 was discovered when reports of a "miracle surgeon" came from ██████████████, California, along with several reports of residents with altered appearances. Some of the changes to residents include weight, build, hair placement, height, sex, race, and age.

Experiment Logs:

Incident Logs:

Note from Doctor Wallace: After considering the capabilities of A-013 and the organizations actively attempting to retrieve him: should he be taken into custody by another organization, I recommend that A-013's object classification be changed to Red. If this occurs, our top priority should become recovery or termination of A-013 for the sake of the Initiative and possibly even humanity as a whole.

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