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Researcher █████'s sketch of A-015.


Asset-ID: A-015

Form: Undefined

Threat Level: Red

Hazards: Aggression, Immeasurable, Extra-Dimensional, Sensory

Active Protocols: Currently, there is no known method of binding A-015 into one static location. However, humid environments seem to repel A-015 from infiltrating. Any containment suggestions may be put forward to Dr. Puppini by filling out Form 015-01.

Description: A-015 often appears as a male human of Middle Eastern descent in its late 20s who appears to all subjects within Site-███'s perimeter through their dreams. Subjects who have encountered A-015 reports of experiencing heavy sandstorms in the desert (presumably the nearby ██████ desert) before sinking to the sand at their chest level, ultimately trapping them.

After a while, the sandstorm settles; most personnel reported seeing Site-███ in the distance covered by a large mass of sand and several bipedal entities roaming the exteriors. A-015 appears shortly after, rising from the sands in front of the subjects before "killing" them by impaling their heads with a sharp sandstone produced from A-015's hands. Subjects often wake up in an agitated state after the exposure and suffer paranoia induced insomnia for approximately 24-48 hours.

Although no long-term/permanent psychological damage has been linked to A-015, personnel suffering from A-015 induced insomnia may put forward a Class-A amnestics administration plea to Dr. Puppini to increase their daily performance. Class-A amnestics have 43% chance of being efficacious in treating the paranoia/insomnia, the remainder required sedation.

A-015 has been appearing to Site-███ personnel since A-███ was put into containment. Further investigation is being conducted by Dr. Puppini.

Addendum: Humidor Installment Notice: Site Director Carson has placed orders to install 50 units of WIY-00 Humidors throughout Site-███ in hopes of reducing A-015 induced insomnia and increasing personnel performance.

I really hope you have a good night's sleep. I mean it.

- Site Director Carson.

Addendum: Humidor Effectiveness Report: The percentage of personnel suffering from A-015 induced insomnia has lowered 37%. Form 015-01 is still available for any personnel to fill out to suggest A-015's containment method to Dr. Puppini.

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