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A-017 in its box.


Asset-ID: A-017

Form-factor: Inanimate

Threat Level: Green

Hazards: Sensory

Active Protocols: Instances of A-017 are to be kept within Green Refrigerator 12 at Site 23 when not being used for testing or consumption. A-017 may be used as an alternative beverage in the case of a security breach of A-███. Use of A-017 as an alternative beverage has been halted due to inappropriate handling from site employees.

Description: A-017 is a pale brown liquid contained within ███ 236mL boxes of ████████1 brand chocolate milk. A-017 shares the same ingredients as leading brands of chocolate milk, except for a previously unknown ingredient, now referred to as ██████████.

Consumption of A-017 has a psychoactive effect on the subject. Drinking A-017 will induce the consumer to experience a random milk flavor they are familiar with. With each subsequent drink of A-017, the flavor alters. Subjects are not required to have previously consumed a flavored milk to taste it through the effects of A-017. The subject will taste what they assumed the flavor to resemble.

Due to the effect of A-017 only being psychoactive, only the brain has to understand that a flavor is milk to taste it. D-4564 was convinced that Lemon Juice was a type of milk. Subsequently the taste of A-017 would sporadically be described as tasting acidic and tangy by D-4564.

Subjects have varied emotional reactions when tasting an unexpected flavor, appearing distraught, upset, or in extreme cases angered. These have yet been proven to be an effect of A-017 or ingredient ██████████.

Excessive consumption of A-017 incites a secondary effect, where for the coming █ hours to █ days the subject is only able to taste flavored milk. The flavors continue to shift in this state every time the subject swallows their own saliva, which also tastes like flavored milk. Subjects report this effect to be extremely distressing and sometimes traumatic.

Addendum 017-1: Recreating the taste shifting effects of A-017 using ingredient ██████████ has been unsuccessful; however, using A-017, on site chefs have produced ice cream2, smoothies, milk shakes, and various alcoholic beverages3 with the taste shifting effects of the regular form.

Addendum 017-2: Although the boxes containing A-017 have expiration dates, not a single instance of A-017 has gone sour. It is unsure whether this is another effect of ingredient ██████████, or a separate anomalous effect.

Addendum 017-3: A-017 is not lactose free.

Document #017-01: Letter to Site-23 Director ███ from Dr. █████

Site Director ███,

From reading the interview logs of A-017, I was made aware of the possibilities for use in an investigation. At the moment at Site-██, we have a set of amnestic resistant entities keeping information from us. Personally, I think A-017 could work spectacularly as a torture device without having to physically harm the subject. I formally request ██ boxes of A-017 at Site-██ by approval from Site-██ Director ████████.

Document #017-02: Message to Dr. █████ from Site-23 Director ███

Request approved. ██ boxes of A-017 will arrive shortly at Site-██.

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