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Still image of A-018's manifestation at Listening Station 658-001

Asset-ID: A-018

Threat Level: Red

Active Protocols: A staff member at each of the affected sites must be present at A-018's point of manifestation on Mondays and Thursdays between the hours of 13:00 and 16:30 (local time) to receive any packages delivered by A-018. The package is to be escorted to the recipient as soon as possible. In the event that the initial package is not properly opened and read by the attached recipient, the stationed operative must immediately report any additional deliveries by A-018 to the site's designated biohazard team for disposal; the original package must be located and opened by the recipient.

Personnel reported missing after acquiring one of A-018's deliveries are to be tracked to their last known location and detained for questioning by security personnel upon release.

Updated Active Protocols: In response to incidents involving recipients of prior deliveries, all further openings of A-018's packages are to be held in an observed environment. Recipients are to be thoroughly questioned and provided a psychiatric evaluation by medical personnel before being escorted to a holding chamber containing the package. Upon opening, the subject is to be permitted five minutes of interaction with the item before it is confiscated by security and incinerated. Any abnormal behavior exhibited by the recipient will result in immediate sedation followed by temporary detainment within the site's designated psychiatric facility.

Description: A-018 is a young European male of indeterminate age. A-018 bears no discernible deviations from that of a standard human with the exception of its right pupil exhibiting a neon green hue. A-018 is static in behavior, rarely performing any abrupt movements or significant emotional expression, and will appear virtually catatonic when stationary.

A-018 is capable of creating openings that connect between two alternate realities on any flat surface, utilizing them a means of transport between sites. These openings appear as a largely black space with a single lit beacon visible in the distance. Attempts to enter the opening during A-018's manifestation will result in A-018 physically obstructing the individual attempting to pass through them; any attempt at re-entry will result in the same outcome. Once the individual retreats, A-018 will return to its original position and continue its intended path.

A-018 currently manifests at the following facilities: Site-99, Site-103, Site-32, Site-46, Research Outpost 555-098, and Listening Station 658-001. Every Monday and Thursday, from 13:00 through 16:30, A-018 will manifest at one of the affected facilities' entrance zones, effectively bypassing the security system, bearing a marked cardboard package for an intended recipient (usually on-site personnel and, very rarely, family members of on-site personnel) on a note attached to the top of the package. All packages vary in overall size and dimension and are neatly sealed in good condition.

Upon manifesting, A-018 will locate the nearest individual agreeing to deliver its package and accustom itself to meeting them upon its next visitation. If said person is not present, A-018 will become moderately frustrated at the occurrence and begin to wander the facility in search of a new deliverer or its intended recipient, continuing to do so until either is found regardless of its time frame. Once the recipient has acquired and opened A-018's delivery, they will discover an item that was previously desired, misplaced, or broken at some point in their life, and express immense satisfaction regardless of its significance. Additionally, an attached note typed in print will be found underneath the item:

Courtesy of Howard and Sons Express, Sector 16-A. For any questions or comments, please dial +█(███)███-████ to speak with our advisor.1

The recipient must be found within, and will have, approximately eight hours to open the contents of the package. If the package is left unopened, ignored, or forgotten by the recipient, A-018 will re-manifest at the same location with a second package upon its next appearance. This package contains no deviations from the initial variant with the exception of its contents. Once opened, the user will come to find the contents empty with the exception of an attached note crudely written in black marker:

Please remember to confirm the shipment of our courier's delivery. Courtesy of Howard and Sons Express, Sector 16-A. For any questions or comments, please dial +█(███)███-████ to speak with our advisor.

Several seconds after the subject opens the package, a large dimensional opening (similar in nature to that created by A-018) will materialize at the base of the package and quickly expand to accommodate the size of the opener. Immediately after expanding, the opening will begin to develop a vacuum with enough force to pull in the subject and immediately close once they have completely entered the opening. Upon entering, all electronic equipment on the subject will cease to function until departure.

Eyewitness accounts indicate that the individual will be transported to a small, 6 x 6 x 6 meter room constructed primarily of glass paneling and lining composed of an unknown metal. Inspection of the surrounding environment through the paneling reveals it to be devoid of any remarkable landscape. After five minutes have elapsed, a large office desk and two chairs (each situated on the opposite ends of the desk) will materialize in the room, and a silhouette of a humanoid entity will manifest behind the desk and request the subject to have a seat.

The entity will ask the subject a series of questions pertaining to the efficacy of A-018's services. If the subject responds negatively to most of the questions provided, the entity will inform them that they will converse with A-018 at a later time to discuss said matters. If the subject responds positively to most questions provided, the entity will dismiss the subject and recommend them to locate and open the initial package that was delivered to them. Regardless of either outcome, the subject will be returned to their initial location upon completion of the survey.

If the initial package was opened before the second variant, the second package will not exhibit any anomalous properties and only contain the specified note.

Addendum 018-001: Dr. Mayfold's Experimentation

On ██/██/20██, Dr. Mayfold of Site-46, seeking to gain a meritorious nomination for a position within the research committee, initiated a proposal to begin investigations in discovering the potential origins of A-018. Dr. Mayfold developed an experiment in which he would prioritize his desire in finding a document that correlates with personal or unknown information pertaining to A-018, therefore developing the probability that A-018 will deliver said document in one of its deliveries to Dr. Mayfold. After approximately one year, A-018 manifested at Site-46 bearing a package with Dr. Mayfold's name and provided it to the stationed operative. The package was delivered to Dr. Mayfold without incident and was promptly opened. The following document was discovered within the package:

Addendum 018-002: After Action Report of Dr. Mayfold's Experimentation

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