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A-021 during Operation Iceheart, 1/12/2015

Asset ID #: A-021

Threat level: Green

Form-factor: Inanimate

Active Protocols: A-021 is to be kept in the armory of Site-002 unless in use. Upon request, an ISF sniper can requisition A-021 if above the rank of Private First-class. Currently, it is in use by MST Baker-04 "Siberian Tigers". Due to the high volume of requests to requisition A-021, A-021 can only be requisitioned for 1 month at a time. All variations of A-021-1 are to be stored with A-021, and are to be issued with A-021 when A-021 is requested. One of every A-021-1 variation must be preserved at Site-002, to ensure that no variations are lost. No personnel are allowed within 1 kilometer of A-021's shooter if the shooter is firing the "Tracer" variant of A-021-1.1

Description: A-021 is a Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk1 (T) sniper rifle, manufactured in 1943. Markings on A-021 suggest that it was not made at the Lee-Enfield manufacturing plant, but rather at a plant known as "Davidson-Brandi." No record of any manufacturer by this name has been discovered. The Phrase "Valentine's Enfield" is engraved into the left side of A-021's scope. When loaded with standard .303 caliber cartridges, A-021's anomalous properties will not manifest, leading A-021 to function as a non-anomalous Lee-Enfield rifle. A-021's anomalous properties will manifest when a variation of A-021-1 is loaded into A-021. A-021-1 variations will only function in A-021, causing a stoppage when loaded into a non-anomalous Lee-Enfield rifle. A-021-1 is a series of 5 .303 caliber cartridges, each engraved with a different phrase. When inserted into a stripper clip, A-021-1 instances will make 4 copies of themselves, as well as an additional stripper clip containing 5 copies. All A-021-1 variations produce no recoil when fired. A table of all variations of A-021-1 and their effects can be found in the table below.

A-021-1 variation Effect
"Standard" No anomalous effects besides the ones previously mentioned will occur when the "Standard" variation is loaded into A-021.
"Anti-Material" Upon impact with any surface, the bullet will cause the surface to disintegrate.
"Incendiary" Impact will cause immediate immolation of flammable material. This also effects humans.
"Tracer" Functions near-identical to the "Standard" variant, with the exception that the bullet will lock on to and hit a random individual within one kilometer of the shooter, with the exception of the shooter.
"Explosive" Upon impact with any surface, the bullet will explode. This explosion is equivalent to that of the PG-29V anti-tank rocket of the RPG-29 "Vampir."

Addenda-021-A—Discovery: A-021 was assumed to be discovered sometime in 1943, however, perhaps as a tactical decision, the British Armed Forces had not informed the Initiative until 2/██/1945. A-021 was officially discovered in London, England, when footage of the "Incendiary" variant of A-021-1's effects was sent to the Initiative. A single researcher was sent to retrieve A-021 and all instances of A-021-1. After doing so, A-021 and all A-021-1 variations were sent to Site-002 for storage.

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