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Item #: A-022 Form: Inanimate
Threat Level: Yellow Hazards: Visual


Fig. 1: A-022.

Active Protocols: The perimeter of Lachinov Hill is to be carefully guarded during the night. Any individuals approaching Lachinov Hill who are suspected to be under the effects of A-022 are to be taken into Initiative custody for screening. The nearby town of Reussyisk is to enforce a strict 21:00-07:00 curfew. No civilians may exit the town during this time period, under threat of detainment.

Description: A-022 is a reoccurring hallucinatory phenomenon which occurs nightly at Lachinov Hill in ██████, Russia. During an A-022 event, any individual viewing Lachinov Hill will perceive two red points of light, designated A-022-1, on said hill. (See Fig. 1). These lights are visible on photographs, but viewing these photographs does not cause A-022's further hallucinatory effects to manifest.

Upon viewing A-022-1 for more than two minutes, individuals will begin to experience various auditory hallucinations, including low whispers, ticking, and droning sounds. These sounds gradually change into a clear voice. Descriptions of this voice vary between subjects, but it has been universally described as calming. The voice will urge subjects to ascend Lachinov Hill, offering relief from whatever issues the subject may be facing at the time. Testing has shown that this is not a compulsory effect, but rather subjects typically choose to obey the voice of their own volition.


Fig. 2: Summit of Lachinov Hill.

As subjects approach Lachinov Hill, their hallucinations grow stronger, with the voice offering increasingly extravagant rewards. Once they reach the hill's summit, subjects perceive many bright red points of light surrounding them (see Fig. 2), similar to those seen upon the event's initial manifestation.

At the summit, individuals report perceiving a deceased family member (A-022-2) waving to them.1 Subjects experience great joy at this sight, and will typically run to meet them. A-022-2 instances appear to possess a physical mass, as evidenced by subjects' physical interactions with them, despite being hallucinations.

After a short time, A-022-2 will attempt to take hold of the subject's hand. After whispering an unintelligible phrase to the subject, they will lead them off the edge of Lachinov Hill, causing them to fall to their deaths. Subjects experience extreme euphoria while falling, contradictory to normal self-preservation instincts.

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