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On-site Head Researcher █████,

The Board has agreed to the Indonesian government's plea of opening access to Basement B to the general public. A containment team will arrive to seal a few segments of Basement B. A-030 is to be classified as Neutralized in ██/██/2███ and all on-site assets will be detached on the same day. Thank you for your service.

Best regards,
Global Director 04


A-030 in 2016.


Asset #: A-030

Form Factor: Undefined

Threat Level: Yellow

Hazards: Aggression, Regenerative, Sensory

Active Protocols: On-site Initiative personnel are to standby inside Observation Post LS-118 located east from A-030 to monitor any possible intrusion. In the case of intrusion, passive EG-2 INAN glyph emitters stationed in the entrance of Basement B are to be activated by approval of at least 2 monitoring personnel with security clearance of Level 2 or higher. Implantation of false memories into intruding subjects may be initiated by the approval of on-site Head Researcher.

Although all personnel and local citizen are allowed entrance to A-030, entrance to Basement B is restricted to personnel with security clearance of Level 3 or higher or is approved by the on-site Head Researcher. During testing and/or exploration, admitted subject is to be equipped with 1 wireless camera, 1 500-lumen flashlight with 5 hours of battery life, 1 standard issue Initiative ration, a tracking beacon, a crowbar and a Beretta 92FS pistol with 2 spare magazines as a precaution1.

In the case of a containment breach, stationed A-030-1 recontainment team is to be deployed to the site in no less than 2 minutes after the initial call. Immediate usage of mass-aerosol Class-A amnestics after the event is authorized regardless of chain of command available. All pictures or information of A-030-1 instance that may be spread on the mass media are to be omitted by MST X-Ray-6 ("Annulifiers").


Blueprints of building B.

Description: A-030 is a former Dutch East Indies Railway Company Headquarters located in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia built in 1914. A-030 is named by the locals as "Lawang Sewu" (literally: Thousand Doors) due to its numerous doors and arcs. Although the number of windows available is palpable (600), the exact number of doors is undetermined due to its large uncharted underground structure. As of June 2018, the number of doors and arcs discovered is 1467.

The complete complex of A-030 consists of several buildings: two main buildings designated as A and B and two smaller buildings designated as C and D. The B building is located behind the I-shaped A building. Some segments of B building's basement are partially flooded to cool the building through evaporation.

The basement of B building is reported to have several stairs leading down, despite the initial blueprints showing no signs of a further underground area located anywhere in the basement. The newer blueprint recovered by D-08091-002 indicates a large underground structure that burrows to the depth of ███ meters.


Entrance to Basement B.

A-030 has undergone █ video recorded explorations by Class-D personnel. Most subjects conducting an exploration has encountered A-030-1, which appears as a pale-skinned woman with long black hair, red eyes, and white dress smeared in blood roaming A-030's underground tunnels, most notably Basement B. A-030-1 has been identified as an instance of a Kuntilanak2 by local citizens.

Upon entering Basement B, admitted subjects reported of hearing a womanly voice singing originating from deep inside the tunnels. The singing has been identified as the local folk chant Lengsir Wengi3.

A-030-1 in the Archiefruimte.

Addendum: Exploration Logs:

Addendum: Neutralization Order: The Indonesian President Joko Widodo has personally requested The Board to eliminate A-030-1 and open A-030 to the general public. Approval is pending. A-030 is to be classified as Neutralized in ██/██/2███.

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