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Asset-ID: A-044

Form-factor: Sapient

The chemical formula of ClF3 with the anomalous parts removed

Threat Level: Yellow

Hazards: Sapient, Aggression, Organic, Toxic, Explosive, Regenerative

Active Protocols: Any A-044 instance that is detected is to be led away from any human living space using Protocol 64-Pius. After the instance is at least 80 Kilometers away from the closest human settlement, it is to be engaged by an ISF Sniper detachment. Due to the dangerous defensive methods of A-044, no soldier is to be within half a kilometer of asset. After the asset has expired, Biological Hazard Containment Team 13 Codename "Bouncing Betty" is to be dispatched to clean up the remains.

If Protocol 64-Pius is ineffective or A-044 has manifested inside of a human settlement, ISF team "Adamant Protectors" is to be dispatched to lead the asset to the least populated area of the settlement and to limit the damages caused by the asset. When the least populated area is reached, the team retreats while the sniper detachment of the team attacks the instance. After the asset expires, normal protocol is to be followed.

Description: A-044 is a designation for a group of anomalies that manifest during electoral cycles in the country of Albania. The anomalies are entities which appear in random locations at random times United States of America. A-044 manifest as humans which appear generally consistent with historical and archaeological accounts of 15th century people within the region of Albania, other than the following anomalies:

  • A mucus and ClF31 producing gland situated in the thoracic cavity. The mucus is completely non-reactive with the ClF3. When it is produced, the mucus engulfs the ClF3, forming a rough spherical shape which blocks any possible reactions with outside elements. The shell is used by the specimen for long range attacks.
  • Enlarged throat musculature. This feature is used in conjuncture with the thoracic gland for long range glob attacks.
  • Steel teeth. Due to the needed Fluoride for ClF3 production, A-044 specimens crush and consume fluorspar rocks.

During any conversation, the specimens communicate in a language similar to that of traditional Albanian, however most of it is largely unintelligible. They invariably pledge their allegiance to the Albanian leader Kastrioti at least once per conversation, state their hate for the now defunct Ottoman Empire and for what they call "foreign invaders". While the specimens are docile and open to talking most of the time, upon seeing any person who self-identifies as Turkish or is of Turkish descent, even without the person stating so, the specimens go into a rage state in which they becomes extremely aggressive, attacking any living being in sight. The rage state subsides after 5 minutes from the initial sighting of the individual.
The specimens instinctually attempt to travel to Europe using the most efficient route, but are usually sidetracked by outside individuals and the occurrence of events. Currently, no specimen has been able to successfully reach Europe. The specimens do not react in any way to modern inventions, simply ignoring their existence.

The numbers of appearances is closely related to percentage of votes that the leading party of Albania got in the latest election. Only one specimen can exist at any given time. After the death of the previous specimen, after a random period of time spanning from 2 hours up to [REDACTED] months, a new specimen manifests.

No full interview was concluded as of now. The information on the conversational skills was collected from the civilians that understood albanian whom came under close contact with the specimens.

Discovery: The first manifestation of A-044 occurred after the establishment of the communist reign in Albania. Based upon the election, 82 specimens spontaneously manifested in [REDACTED], Massachusetts. After the fall of communism and the proclamation of the Republic of Albania, due to the change in government and election cycle, the appearances have begun once again.

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