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A-051 shortly before returning to its passive state.

Asset-ID: A-051

Form-factor: Sentient

Threat Level: Red

Hazards: Aggression Hazard

Active Protocols: At the time of writing, A-051 resides on the ocean floor in the Baltic Sea. A-051 is to be contained on-site by the Drop Squad Naval Division (DSND). Personnel have established a Safe-zone (DSND Outposts), Danger-zone (Observation), and Dead-zone (No Entry), at radii of 50km, 45km, and 30km, respectively. There are to be unmanned solar-powered submersibles in the Deadzone at all times. These submersibles are to be fitted with proper EMP protection, as well as cameras so that A-051 may be monitored, and equipment for recovering objects within the Deadzone. All non-Initiative aircraft and seafaring vessels are to be redirected from the established Safe-zone. Any manned vessels entering the Dead-zone are to be considered lost. In the event that A-051 is activated, the Initiative is to keep all manned ships at port until it returns to its passive state. Once A-051 returns to the ocean floor, the DSND naval units must relocate the established zones.

Description: A-051 is a dilapidated pre-Dreadnought battleship with no distinguishing emblems or flags. The amount of crewmen aboard A-051, or if A-051 is maintained by a crew at all, is unknown. A-051 possesses a variety of armaments, including three two-gun 305mm turrets, twelve 80mm side-cannons (6 on each side), four 20mm anti-air cannons, and four depth charges. Despite multiple breaches in the hull, a broken rudder, and an absence of one of its propellers, A-051 can float on the ocean surface and move at a maximum speed of ██ knots (██ km/hr). A-051 cannot be tracked through satellite or radar and emits a strong electromagnetic field that can disorient or disable compasses and digital clocks within a 45-kilometer radius. This is much farther than A-051’s field of view, which only reaches roughly 30km.

In its passive state, A-051 is a non-anomalous shipwreck on the ocean floor. A-051 becomes active when it detects a manned air or sea vehicle travelling within its field of view. First, A-051 begins to float upward until it breaks the surface of the water. It will then attempt to ram into its target. If it is unable to ram, A-051 will open fire at the vessel until it is incapacitated. Then, A-051 will [DATA EXPUNGED] before returning to its passive state. So far, no manned vehicle that has encountered A-051 has been recovered the remains of 60 vessels from various time periods have been found within the established boundaries of the Deadzone. Additionally, numerous skeletal remains have been removed from the Deadzone. Forensic analyses of the corpses suggest varying causes of death.

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