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Asset-ID: A-059

Form-factor: Sentient

Threat Level: Yellow

Active Protocols: A-059 is to be contained in a mobile anechoic chamber in OL-Site-██, Antarctica. All guards stationed are to be equipped with tasers rated no less than 4.5 milliamps and standard issue batons. No conventional weapons are to be allowed in OL-Site-██, outside of anomalous emergency lockers.

Researchers are to monitor nearby glacial structures for ice calving, and move A-059 out of range before the incident occurs. For this purpose, A-059’s chamber has been modified to be detached from OL-Site-██ and towed away to a safe distance. A no-fly zone has been established in a 25km radius around OL-Site-██ under the cover story of government testing. All transportation is to be done through ██████ Station, researchers will then transfer to a ██████ and travel to OL-Site-██.

Containment breaches in OL-Site-██ are divided into three separate groups of increasing severity.

Conventional: If a containment breach is caused by using explosives, ammunition, or combustion based weaponry, all researchers, staff, and security are to make their way to the nearest “panic bunker” and remain until A-059 has disposed of all intruders. No effort is to be made to stop any intruders with conventional weaponry, as A-059 will also attack nearby personnel who have not fired any conventional weapons.

Unconventional: In the case that a containment breach is caused by unconventional means through the use of EMP, gas based weaponry, high-power directed-energy weapon, or any weaponry that is not based on combustion, all non-security personnel are to retreat, and standard defense procedures will occur. If by any means A-059 enters its active state through fighting, security personnel are to follow conventional protocol and retreat to nearby panic bunkers.

Anomalous: In the instance that anomalous parties or objects cause a containment breach of OL-Site-██, all security personnel are to obtain weapons from any anomalous emergency lockers, and combat the anomalous threat. OL-Site-██ security are aware of A-059’s anomalous properties.

Description: A-059 is a german shepherd, standing at 85 cm tall. A-059 has a noticeably wider frame than average for its breed. A-059 was discovered with a K-9 unit harness, tagged with, "D-80GO, ██████ County, K-9 Unit". All attempts at looking through the pack and unstrapping it from its body have resulted in hostility. A-059's body has been modified via the implantation of a number of bionic implants. Most notably, its legs have been increased in length, a second heart has been added, and a layer of ██████ metal has been added just below its epidermis and throughout the jaw.

A-059 was discovered after police reports of an active spree killer in ██████, Florida. In the reports, only a single shot had ever gone off in each house, resulting in ██ casualties. The initiative investigated after an anonymous source tipped them off to anomalous activity. A-059 was found nearby the most recent “shooting”. Covered in blood, A-059 was initially hostile until Agent ████ approached it. A-059 seemed to take an immediate liking to her, and was contained with no further incidents.

A-059 alternates between an active and inactive state. Inactive, where its anomalous properties have not been triggered and remains dormant, and active, wherein it is actively pursuing any noise. While inactive, A-059 acts like a domesticated German shepherd. While not being hostile, A-059 will show no interest outside of women aged 21-23. No genetic disposition or pre-programmed reason for this has been discovered. No conventional weapons are to come into A-059's containment, as it will cause an active state.

Its anomalous properties manifest within it's hearing, which has been increased beyond any known organic being. When any sound is heard that would presumably damage A-059's hearing, its active state is triggered instead, causing A-059 to pursue and attempt to destroy the source of any sound sustained for over 3 minutes at above 100db and within its 25km range of hearing. This can be prevented through the use of the anechoic chamber, which stops A-059 from hearing most sounds. However, there exist exceptions to this line of containment.

A-059 will always hear gunshots within a 10km range. There is seemingly no prevention method for this, as adding silencers, mufflers, and putting earplugs directly into A-059’s ears has no effect. For this reason, no firearm may be used in OL-Site-██ outside of emergencies. Any noise above 170db in a 25km range will also be picked up by A-059, though due to the size of most objects that create sounds, it may be unable to "neutralize" the source of the sound. As its jaw and body are composed of ██████ metal, it is at this time impossible to contain once any of these conditions have been met, and therefore OL-Site-██ has been constructed.

OL-Site-██: For the purposes of containing A-059, OL-Site-██ was constructed in ██████ Land, Antarctica. Due to its extremely remote location, lack of nearby transportation routes, and uninhabitable nearby areas, it was the ideal location. OL-Site-██ is equipped with a number of specific structure based equipment, rooms, and architecture to facilitate the containment of A-059 and use its properties beneficially.

A number of panic rooms are installed around all of OL-Site-██. While these will not protect from A-059, they are enough to protect from any invading force or intruder. These are to be used in tandem with OL-Site-██'s sound system. The ceiling of the facility has been equipped with speakers, allowing site security to direct the movement of A-059. While this should only be used in emergency containment breaches, it can also be used to re-contain A-059.

Due to a number of large, unpreventable natural disasters, such as ice calving, tsunamis, and hurricanes, A-059's anechoic chamber has been modified to be mobile and detachable from OL-Site-██. Researchers are to be mindful to watch and predict the 25km radius around A-059 for any natural disasters and move it accordingly to prevent a containment breach.

Addendum: On further investigation into the origin of A-059, its name was found in a local department’s K-9 Unit. Agents contacted local law enforcement for a statement.

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