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Item #: A-104 Form: Inanimate
Threat Level: Red Hazards: TBD


Fig. 1: An A-104-2 specimen.

Active Protocols: All entrances to A-104 have been barricaded. These entrances are to be guarded at all times, and any civilians attempting to enter A-104 are to be detained.

Investigation into "Jimmy's Washing Machine Company" is ongoing. Any individuals who claim to have been employed by said company are to be questioned and amnesticized. All washing machines produced by said company are to be recalled.

Specimens of A-104-2 are to be kept in small, low-security storage rooms. Testing on these specimens is currently prohibited.

Description: A-104 is an abandoned manufacturing plant, previously owned by an entity known as "Jimmy's Washing Machine Company." It is estimated that over 50,000 washing machines were produced during the facility's operation. Approximately 31,000 units have been successfully recalled.

A sign posted outside the factory reads, "Come on in! Free trials of all washing machines for a limited time only! Free candy if you bring the little ones, too!" Another sign reads: "Proud to have 100% VISITOR SATISFACTION!"

A-104’s anomalous properties manifest when any individual enters the manufacturing area of the building. These individuals are designated A-104-1.

A-104’s effects manifest in four stages:

  • Stage One: Individual reports sharp, shooting pain in head, abdomen, mouth, esophagus, and ribcage.
  • Stage Two: Several round metal protrusions appear from under the subject’s skin, mainly around the upper chest. Subject’s arms and legs fold inward and retract into their body.
  • Stage Three: Subject’s body rapidly swells to a cubical shape. Their body is now entirely hollow aside from the brain, which registers high activity consistent with severe discomfort. Subjects are no longer capable of speech, although they may occasionally emit low gurgling sounds.
  • Stage Four: Subjects are now designated A-104-2 and are irrecoverable. A-104-2 instances resemble washing machines (see Fig. 1), although they are initially made from a fleshy, bulbous substance. This substance gradually hardens and takes the appearance of smooth, stainless steel.

A-104-2 instances function identically to ordinary washing machines. The internal structure of these instances is entirely organic, and is dominated by a brain-like organ. Specimens are considered sentient and can perceive external stimuli, although the only response detected so far is that of pain.

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