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Interior image of an intake booth within A-200, instances of A-200-1 are held in the adjacent sector.

Asset-ID: A-200

Form-factor: Inanimate

Threat Level: Yellow

Active Protocols: The perimeter surrounding A-200 has been refitted with a 12 meter high electrical fence. The perimeter fencing is to be fitted with a proximity alarm connected to the central security hub in site administration. All Initiative staff assigned to guard rotations are to wear appropriate equipment of local law enforcement. The road leading to A-200 is to be blocked off from civilian access, trespassers are to be immediately apprehended and transferred to local law enforcement as soon as possible.

CCTV observation of all detention blocks are to be monitored at the main security hub. Staff are to immediately notify site maintenance in the event of a technical failure. Technicians are to be provided approximately eighteen minutes within A-200 to identify/resolve the issue and given enough time to exit before manifestation of anomalous properties.

In the event that an unauthorized individual has entered A-200, security units are to remain on high alert and deactivate the gate's electrical field to allow A-200-2 to escape. Under no circumstances should A-200-2 be prematurely incapacitated before it successfully leaves the affected zone. Once recovered, the individual is to be temporarily detained after cessation of anomalous properties. Civilians are to be provided Class-C amnestics and released, while staff are to remain in detainment and await disciplinary measures enacted by site administration.

Description: A-200 is a former high-security detention facility located in █████, Colorado. A-200 consists of three individual floors consisting of various detention blocks, psychiatric facilities, indoor recreation rooms, and staff offices. The infrastructure of A-200 remains primarily intact; however, as of ██/██/20██, primary power is rendered non-functional due to the gradual deterioration of electrical wiring - secondary power is currently maintained by the facility's auxiliary generator. A-200 itself contains no direct anomalous properties, instead housing various instances of A-200-1 within its confines.

Instances of A-200-1 consist of the petrified remains of inmates previously serving time within A-200. A-200-1 each maintain a uniform posture in the appearance of sitting with hands clasped together, elbows resting on knees, and head leaning at a downward angle. Despite evidence of petrifaction, A-200-1 remain invulnerable to physical/chemical breakdown. A-200-1 typically remain inert until the facility is entered by an individual.

If an individual spends more than twenty-five minutes within A-200, a random instance of A-200-1 will begin to disintegrate until it is reduced to dust. Several minutes after disintegration, the subject will begin to complain of a "cold, tugging" sensation within their head before collapsing and undergoing a series of convulsions; notable swelling in the frontal/parietal lobes can be observed at this point.1 The subject (now A-200-2) will remain inert for a period of time.

Upon regaining activity, A-200-2 will typically emerge in a state of heightened emotional distress, often emulating a response to a violent incident or physical confrontation before gradually progressing to a docile state. A-200-2 will proceed to depart the grounds of A-200, often attempting to simply outrun/overcome impeding individuals and obstacles. In certain cases; however, instances of A-200-2 instead perform more complex methods, such as: observing guard rotations, creating makeshift tools, and awaiting a certain time of day in order to perform a successful escape.

If A-200-2 successfully escapes the immediate vicinity of the facility, it will enter into a permanent catatonic state until it is reintroduced. Upon reintroduction, it will develop a notable change in overall character, exhibiting a talkative, albeit condescending (especially toward authority figures), personality. When asked as to the reason of its escape, it will exhibit signs of nervousness and discomfort before ultimately refusing to "snitch".2 After thirty minutes have elapsed, A-200-2 will begin to gradually revert its anomalous effects before complete cessation.

If A-200-2 is prematurely incapacitated before it successfully escapes, it will immediately enter into a series of convulsions (regardless of nervous tissue damage) before expiring. At this point, A-200-2 will begin to autonomously position itself in the manner of A-200-1 in its inactive form, before undergoing rapid petrifaction. The original remains of A-200-1 will remain disintegrated and the subject instead becomes the substitute instance.

Addendum 200-001: Incident Report


Due to the events involving last week's incident, I am hereby suspending all further testing with A-200 with permission from the site director. Our little technical hiccup should've been fucking addressed when the site was built, not after. Thanks to what happened in Arizona three days ago, high command has put us under administrative probation until further notice. That means if any of us fuck up one more time, all of our asses are going to be cycled out.

And that vagrant that tried to stab Kolbeck? Turns out he was sitting in A-200 for a goddamn half hour. He was trying to hide from the CCTV in one of the detainment blocks before making his way down outside, how the hell could observation miss that?! You have a pair of eyes, use them. As for the anomaly, research is currently scratching their heads as to what the fuck just happened, and neither I or the director are eager to risk our necks testing it.

Get this settled.
- Cpt. Reichmann

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