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Interior view of RPC-229's wheel.


Item #: RPC-229

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Procedures: RPC-229 is to be kept within Site-07, located under the ███████ Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Site-07 has been designed to act as a storage unit for anomalous objects, specifically those involving probability.

Under no circumstances is RPC-229 to be used without permission from Site Director Karas, and no experiments with RPC-229 are to be conducted without having at least one Authority researcher present. Authority climatologists are to be notified immediately of any experimentation with RPC-229.

In situations where weather caused by RPC-229 comes at an extreme contrast to typical weather, the Authority is to assume control over the media of regions affected to decrease suspicion. Any supplies needed in order to perform experiments with RPC-229 are to be provided by the ███████ Casino, including roulette balls or gambling funds in the form of chips.

Description: RPC-229 is a standard American roulette wheel measuring 91 centimeters in diameter, consisting of a wheel-head featuring 36 ball-pockets and a static bowl. The wheel is decorated in the usual fashion of a roulette wheel, in order to entice customers. The words "Rainbow Roulette" are embossed around the board in gold lettering, along with the brand name "Lucky Louie's Casino Customs". A typical depiction of a 'leprechaun' is pictured beneath the logo. No record of this manufacturer has been found on otherwise non-anomalous objects.

RPC-229 operates as a standard roulette wheel. The anomalous effects of RPC-229 manifest when RPC-229 is used. The effects of RPC-229 have been shown to not manifest unless a game of roulette is played with standard casino-approved rules.


Example of a weather shift caused by RPC-229. Result of a correct call of 23, Red. It is important to note that this photograph was taken during a drought period.

The primary anomalous effect of RPC-229 is the object's ability to cause anomalous weather patterns. When a ball falls into a pocket, RPC-229 causes drastic shifts in weather in one of 36 casino regions across the United States.

As a result of RPC-229's anomalous properties, local pressure and humidity have been seen to shift rapidly around the location that corresponds to the result. Results that are further from the called number tend to produce more violent weather.

The following is a sample list of five experiments with results of varying distances showing the effects of incorrect calls on RPC-229:

Number called Result Effects on Corresponding Location
25, Red 26, Black Corresponding location experienced a light precipitation shower.
5, Red 10, Black Location experienced a short string of thunderstorms in the area.
13, Black 13. Black Location experienced a string of light precipitation showers, ending a drought that was affecting the area.
30, Red 30, Red Anomalous manifestation of natural light resembling Aurora Borealis above the area.
00, Green 36, Red Manifestation of a major storm surge in the area, consisting of thunderstorms, heavy winds, hail, and the eventual manifestation of a Category-5 Hurricane causing heavy damage to the state of ███████ where the corresponding area was located.

Due to the destructive potential of RPC-229, testing has currently been suspended without special permission from Site Director Karas.

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