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Asset-ID: A-287

Form-factor: Inanimate

Threat Level: Green Yellow

Active Protocols: A-287 is to be used as a cleaning tool for Initiative cleaning staff and kept in a standard cleaning supplies locker. A-287 is to kept locked tight in a waterproof Yellow-Class container as of incident A-287-1. No contact is to be made with any injured personnel or large bodies of liquid. Testing is to be granted only by approval and supervision by Initiative Administration.

At all times two armed agents, from protection unit A-287 "Water Dogs", must be guarding the container. These agents are to rotated out no less than every 4 hours to prevent any possible cognitohazard effects from A-287. They are to be equipped with flamethrowers and full body heat-resistant hazardous environmental suits. Under no circumstances should any drinking water come within 50m of A-287 containment location. This is marked by an on-site kill zone, clearly marked for all on site researchers and staff to see.

Description: A-287 is a standard bath towel, originally 76cm by 146cm in size. Currently, the towel's size is ███ meters by ███ meters. A-287 was originally white in coloration, turned red due to it's anomalous effect. Anyone who comes in contact with the towel will describe it as "extremely comfortable" and will express a want to lie down on it or hold it. It is unknown if this is an anomalous effect or a natural effect of the towels material.

A-287 was obtained from ██████, Montana. A report of a string of murders, years apart, where the victim's blood would be drained from their entire body. When the Initiative went to investigate and discern the cause of these unusual murders, the agent found the towel, already 1.9 by 3.65m in dimensions. As the local authorities had already been investigating this case for some time, and no murder weapon could be found by the authorities best on site detectives, the towel was brought in for routine printing and analysis.
(Detectives, after further investigation of the string of murders, found that all first-responder photos always had the person wrapped up in the same towel.)

A-287 functions as a towel does. It will soak up any type of liquid it is pushed against and will increase in mass based upon how much liquid that it soaks into it. However, the object never appears to get wet, and onsite staff seemed to be unable to "wring" or expulse the liquid out of A-287 when it soaked any sort of liquid. This does not seem to work with water in a form other than liquid.

A statement from Site-14 Director: "I've heard the jokes, the laughs. Haha, did you hear? A towel is Yellow-class. What's it going to do, dry me to death? I want to remind all staff that A-287 can cause an XK-Class End of the World Scenario. The end of all life on earth, smothered by a huge towel. Wouldn't that be a hoot? Ha. Ha."

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