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A-470-1, who is mounted on A-470-2, patrolling a stretch of land near OL-Site 3275 in Manitoba. (NOTE: PICTURE TAKEN BEFORE 6/25/2005).

Asset #: A-470

Form-factor: Sapient

Threat Level: Red

Active Protocols: Due to the anomalous properties of A-470, The stretch of Highway ██, also known as OL-Site 3275, is to only be open during the hours of 10:00 PM to 5:00 am local time. During the closed hours, Initiative personnel are to operate under the guise of local law enforcement and road workers, barricading the road. During nighttime hours, the road is to be toll only, with a payment of 30 Canadian dollars to pass. In the case of A-470-1 travelling further than its known "patrol route", the RCMP are to be informed and set up temporary roadblocks in a 5 to 10 kilometer radius away from any sighting of A-470. Any motorists that travel through OL-Site 3275, even during "safe" hours are to be given amnestics if a sighting is reported. As of 6/25/2005, All towns within a 5 kilometer radius of any part of OL-Site 3275 are to be evacuated. OL-Site 3275 is to be closed from public travel indefinitely. Highway ██ is to be re-routed out of the way of OL-Site 3275. All security personnel assigned to OL-Site 3275 are to be equipped with flamethrowers. The Initiative are to send 1 D-class personnel to A-470 every week in exchange for A-470 not attacking any Initiative checkpoints.

Description: A-470-1 is appears to be a Caucasian male standing at 185 centimeters. A-470-1 is dressed as, and is speculated to be was a former member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. A-470-1's equipment matches that of standard RCMP equipment of the 1940's. A-470-2 is a Equus ferus caballus1 standing at 163 centimeters and is estimated to weigh 576 kilograms. A-470's anomalous properties manifest when a motorist drives on OL-Site 3275, stretching from the provinces of Saskatchewan to Manitoba. A-470-2 travels the approximate speed at which the motorist is travelling at. A-470-1 will activate a siren2, which manifests when following a motorist, and will tell the motorist to pull over. If the motorist does not comply with A-470-1, A-470-1 will shoot the tires of the vehicles with a Webley Mark VI service revolver, which will also only manifest when A-470-1 is in pursuit of a motorist.

When the motorist pulls over, or their vehicle is disabled, A-470-1 will approach the vehicle and ask the motorist for license and registration. If a motorist hands A-470-1 a valid Canadian driver's license, as well as further proof of identity, A-470-1 will let the motorist pass. If the motorist does not give a valid Canadian driver's license, fails to give further proof of identity, or gives A-470-1 foreign documents, A-470-1 will ask the motorist to step out of their vehicle. If the motorist complies, A-470-1 will handcuff the motorist. If the motorist does not comply, A-470-1 will drag the motorist out of their vehicle. The handcuffs are known as A-470-3. When A-470-3 is placed on the motorists' wrists, the motorist will vanish. On some occasions, the corpse of the individual will re-materialize on the roadside. On one known occasion, two live subjects re-materialized.3 A-470-1 appears to have a pocket dimension, where it hunts and stalks its prey in, and also appears to store items inside of.4

When valid documentation is provided, A-470-1 will remove A-470-3 from the subject, sending them back to their vehicle. If a subject is violent towards A-470-1 during apprehension, manages to fight off A-470-1 during apprehension, or flees from the area, A-470-1 will fire at the subject's head with its Mark VI revolver. If more than two motorists drive on OL-Site 3275 at a time, A-470-1 will fire a flare gun, designated A-470-4, into the air. Upon the firing of A-470-4, all motorists currently tracked by A-470-1 will vanish.

As of 6/25/2005, A-470-1 has abandoned the use of 470-2, 470-3, and 470-4. Due to this, A-470-1 is now to be designated as A-470. A-470 now attacks anyone (with one exception)5 in the area, despite documents provided or vehicle of choice. A-470 has been noted to attack entire towns to gain attention from the Initiative, which it considers to be an "ally." A-470 has also gained further mutations than previously mentioned6, such as the ability to use its tendrils as a form of movement akin to a zip-line or grappling hook, and being able to access its "domain" directly. A-470 has shown a clear preference in attacking D-class personnel, which A-470 now refers to as "Pawns".

Discovery: A-470 was discovered on 7/██/1967 when many motorists were reported missing near the stretch of Highway ██ in Saskatchewan. All missing motorists hailed from the United States, and all disappeared during daylight hours. This lead to an investigation by the RCMP. The RCMP officers noted A-470-1 apprehending a motorist and seeing the disappearance of both the motorist and A-470-1. Highway ██ was closed until the government of Canada reported the incident to the Initiative, who set up a roadblock on OL-Site 3275, enforcing curfew hours during daylight hours. closing the section of Highway ██ from public use entirely.

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