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A-556-1 in containment

Asset #: A-556

Form-factor: Inanimate

Threat Level: Green

Active Protocols: A-556-1 is to be kept at Site-002, contained on a display mannequin within a 2.5 meter by 1.5 meter by 1.5 meter glass hermetically sealed container at all times. Any instance of A-556-2 must be neutralized immediately. If A-556-1 is not able to be removed from A-556-2, A-556-2 is to be quarantined and neutralized via memetic kill agent, after which two D-class personnel wearing full HAZMAT gear (as of 1/13/1981, A-556-2 has been confirmed non infectious. Although non infectious, as of 7/3/1990, HAZMAT gear is required, due to the emergence of acidic blood) are to retrieve A-556-1.

Description: A-556-1 is a Soviet D-Model "Orlan" space suit, manufactured in 1978. A-556's anomalous properties manifest when worn. Within 15 minutes of putting on A-556, the subject gains a heightened sense of paranoia and anger, even after the suit is removed.
Within 30 minutes of putting on A-556-1, the subject loses the ability to speak, and becomes highly hostile to other living beings. From this point, the subject is hereby known as A-556-2. Instances of A-556-2 have also shown enhanced physical abilities compared to non-anomalous humans. A-556-2 instances are usually known to remove A-556-1 to attack nearby personnel via biting. A-556-2 instances have demonstrated a sort of evolution with each instance created, resulting in alterations to both behavior and even physically (See Test Log-556-3).

Discovery: A-556 was discovered on █/█/1980 when an unidentified man attacked and killed 4 scientists at the ████████ Cosmodrome, Kazakh SSR. The man was later identified as ████ █████, a cosmonaut known to work at the ████████ Cosmodrome. After noticing that the helmet's visor was open, the Cosmodrome's security detail neutralized A-556-2 with firearms, and then alerted local authorities about the incident. Embedded Initiative agents within the police force intercepted the messages and moved to secure A-556, where it was then transferred to Site-002 for containment. A Journal from a Soviet scientist, with one entry pertaining to A-556-1, was also found near the corpse of one of the scientists killed by the original A-556-2.

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