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Item #: RPC-777

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: RPC-777 is to be kept on-location at Site-07, below the basement of the ███████Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Site-07 has been designed to act as a storage unit for anomalous objects, specifically luck-based events and objects, or any Alpha/Beta class objects that have been recovered close to the area.

RPC-777 must be kept in an airtight storage locker in Section 6 of the below-site storage unit. The storage locker where RPC-777 is located must be protected at all times by two armed ASF members, with instructions to bar entry into the area. Level 3 or above research personnel are to be granted access to RPC-777 along with any D-class assigned for testing.

Description: RPC-777 appears to be a standard-size slot machine. The machine appears much like typical slot machines, and is equipped with a large screen displaying three slots, a lever, a coin slot, and three buttons placed at the foot of the screen. The machine also features aspects of a slot machine designed to attract potential players, such as bright flashing lights, sounds and decorations on the front of the machine. Above the screen, there is a flashing board decorated with a cartoon man in a top hat and tuxedo. The phrases “ Super Slots!” and “Win BIG!” are embossed at the top of the board, along with the brand name “Lucky Louie’s Casino Customs” underneath (a search of Casino supply manufacturers has so far shown no company or brand with this title or mascot existing). The machine does not appear to require any sort of electricity in order to function.

RPC-777’s anomalous properties begin to manifest when a coin of any value is placed into the coin slot of the machine and the lever is pulled (Authority researchers have found that the machine will accept any coin that fits in the slot, regardless of origin and age). The reels of the machine will begin spinning in a manner similar to a typical slot machine, and will stop when the corresponding button on the machine is pressed by a human hand. Once all three reels are stopped, the machine will display the results quickly before deactivating. After the machine deactivates, it is rendered unusable for one hour, during which any attempts to activate it will yield no results.

Following the machine’s deactivation, any individual human who pressed one of the buttons will begin to experience abnormal shifts in luck depending on the results of the reels. Tests performed by the researchers assigned to RPC-777 have found that on average what would normally be considered favorable results on a typical slot machine tend to grant the user more favorable luck. These changes in luck typically last one week or until the subject’s death.

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