A 997
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A-997 instance floating in gestation fluid.


Asset-ID: A-997


Threat Level: Yellow

Active Protocols: A small batch of A-997 is contained in Cryo-Storage Locker 997 in Wing E3 of Site-001. Search conditions for all "LiveFeel" Products and known product terminology are to be added to Foundation web crawlers. MSF Nu-63 (Safe Sects) are to be dispatched to locations suspected to be producing A-997. All affected individuals are to be taken into Initiative custody for research and neutralization. Any A-997 found for sale are to be removed from circulation and destroyed.

Description: A-997 are a species of parasitic gelatinous zooplankton. A-997 are extremely resilient compared to other zooplankton and greatly resemble male condoms. Instances are capable of living in a hibernated state for up to 2 years in their birth environment, which is primarily comprised of a saline and nutrient emulsion. When placed on a human penis, A-997 will fuse to the host and bond with its nerves and blood vessels. Using this process, A-997 will obtain all further needs until its natural death after 12 hours, after which all bonds are severed and the instance can be removed from its host. A-997 instances will expire within 10 minutes if exposed to air without being attached to a host.

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