A 998
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Asset-ID: A-998


Threat Level: Yellow

Hazards: Organic Hazard/Contact Hazard/Immeasurable

Active Protocols: A-998-1 is housed in a 18 x 26 meter dome. Inside the site -87 ceilings, the quarantine chamber is made of clear glass that can be rotated, opened, closed and controlled remotely to allow sunlight and air to reach the A-998- 1 will receive water once a day, daily through the water pipe on the top. Any access to A-998-1 is performed by Class-D personnel. The term ends.

Examples of A-998-2 and -3 are eliminated by embedding 15-meter deep soil in the care of the institution until the specimen decomposes naturally. In addition, some SCP-013-TH-3 will be processed into gold bars under high security. In case there is a need to exchange money that can not be exchanged.

Description: A-998-2 Pho naturally occurring. At present, the height is 20 meters, leaves are golden as gold. And fall at the time of deciduous (every 3-4 days). In general, the A-998-1 cycle is not different from other Bodhi.

When the leaves of A-998-1 fall or are pulled by humans. (Hereinafter referred to as A-998-2), the leaves are gradually transformed from plant cells into pure gold by means of the unknown and the A-998-2 that becomes gold will weigh from 1.5 to 2 kg. According to the size of the leaves, although it becomes gold, but the A-998-2 is still decayed by nature if it is buried in the soil or left.
However, exposure to the A-998-2 is not something that should be done. Because individuals exposed to A-998-2 (hereinafter referred to as A-998-3), either directly or indirectly, will result in their bodies becoming gold just like its leaves in just a few moments. 1-2 days. Those affected by A-998 will not show any pain or injury. It is not easy to move or move the body until it can move again. At the final stage, the A-998-3 will solidify in various gestures. Mostly in the sitting position or sleep and died later. However, contact with A-998-3 does not result in this.

Addendum: ██ / ██ / 19██, the staff of SCP-013-TH-3 remained in good condition. No samples were taken into the casting process as liquid gold. Sample ███ and another ██ Sample was cut off in the factory ███. All owners and employees of the factory have been deleted. Class B

  1. The investigation concluded that the community did not exist.


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