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Threat Level: Red

Active Protocol: A-SAMEOL-J is to be named a figurehead in an sub-administrator role on a 'server' related to a now inactive content creator on Youtube. If this is to be disrupted by someone other than the server owner or co owner, they are to be 'banned' from the server in a process named '████ you man wth' proceeded by all participants mocking the subject.

Note:A-SAMEOL-J is to referred to by their current nickname, which may be changed randomly to fit a current trend that may or may not be within the community.

Description: A-SAMEOL-J is an average citizen of the American nationality, who is currently an admin on a 'Discord' server. It is often debated whether or not he has a 'life' or is just an AI dedicated to being a fuc- annoying person to deal with.

Upon contact with A-SAMEOL-J, subjects will feel as if they are talking with someone who they would call a 'degenerate'. After this, they turn into salamanders idk dude im so drunk help become A-SAMEOL-J-1. Continued exposure to other A-SAMEOL-J-1 or A-SAMEOL-J may result in the following conditions, but not limited to;

  • Immediate death.
  • The tendency to call people who are not A-SAMEOL-J-1(or 2) or A-SAMEOL-J the slur associated with African American citizens.
  • Tell everyone to die.
  • Call other discord servers which are not like the one A-SAMEOL-J resides in 'fuking retrded!!'
  • Rename themselves to something related to minecraft, actively with misspellings like 'playr'.
  • Loss of intestines.
  • Intestines being found in the shape of a 4 panel comic. You know which one.
  • Being wanted by D, who we assume is the researcher Dr.D██████ ████
  • Making dick jokes.
  • Making pussy jokes.
  • Owning of a cat.

After around 3 weeks of activity from a A-SAMEOL-J-1, they may be promoted to a moderator, in which case, they will now be called A-SAMEOL-J-2. A-SAMEOL-J-2 are usually inactive, having no reason to visit the server, unless A-SAMEOL-J is active.

If A-SAMEOL-J-2 is not active enough, they will be demoted, and become A-SAMEOL-J-1 again.

Currently, the only way to cure A-SAMEOL-J-1 is to tell them to grow the fuck up kill them, to prevent further spread of A-SAMEOL-J-1. actually yeah tell them to grow the fuck up.

Often times after infection, individuals with A-SAMEOL-J-1 or more commonly A-SAMEOL-J-2 will become mad with the server, and/or want attention, and will end up quitting. Most commonly they will rejoin, or have others tell them what is going on.

Note (Dr. F████):Doesn't it seem unfair to kill A-SAMEOL-1, they are just children who think they're funny.

Following this, Dr.F████ was found to be a specimen of A-SAMEOL-J-2 and was executed reeducated and fired. Totally.

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