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Amazing! Co. is an organization known for mass producing off-brand commercial products of all types that are regularly accessible by civilians in public stores. These items invariably possess anomalous properties and, more often than not, pose a threat to both the user and those around them. The country of origin for Amazing! Co. cannot be presently determined due to the sheer variety of locations their products and warehouses have been going in. Information from various governments around the world have shown the company to have made appearances on all continents of the world with exception to Antarctica.

While it is unknown who is the owner or who is in control of Amazing! Co. is, its anomalous production is managed by a group of individuals known as the Board of Creators. These individuals are skilled and dangerous, often possessing the most advanced anomalous items the company has produced. Various papers found at locations storing or selling Amazing! Co. have mentioned the Board. At least ██ different names have been connected to the Board of Creators, though the majority of them have never been seen by any Authority forces.

Current Authority policies concerning Amazing! Co. are focused upon information gathering and anomalous item control. Agents across the globe are instructed upon what to look for and common locations of Amazing! Co. products. Any information or located items are to be reported to Authority command immediately.


A-451 - Amazing!… Co. "Chewy" Bars
A-909 - Soda!

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