A 013

This document was recovered after the Authority had organized a raid
against GEAR. The fate of this anomaly is currently unknown.

Object Number:A-013

Containment Requirements: Medium

Threat Level: Medium

Containment Procedures:A-013 is to be contained within an artificial habitat measuring 25 meters by 25 meters by 5 meters in Site-16's Wildlife Sector.

Description:A-013 is a colony of twenty-three Brachinus (Bombardier Beetle) initially discovered in the Amazon Rainforest. A-013 are genetically identical to the Brachinus, except one difference in the way it defends itself. Instead of spraying 1,4 Benzoquinone, A-013 sprays molten gold. The method by which A-013 produces the gold is unknown. Dissection and similar procedures are prohibited due to the limited number of instances of A-013.

A-013 was initially discovered by an expedition of Coleopterologists1 attempting to track Bombardier Beetles. The Coleopterologists were reported missing, and local authorities went searching for the party. The authorities found the Coleopterologists severely burned and coated in molten gold, none of the Coleopterologists survived. A GEAR task force was called to come in and contain A-013 after the authorities suffered 3 casualties.

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