Chinese Society

The sages of the past: the disorder is not class, the heavens are lost. The worm has a squama, and the book has a sub-history. Therefore, I learned to use Western catalogues to record the words of bamboo books, the shape of foreign objects, and the wonders of the dynasties. Those who have been recorded in different studies have the sorcerer of the fairy, the charm of the beast, the shackles of foreign objects, and the sacredness of the heavens. When it is praised by the history, supplemented by the number category, it will be stored in the warehouse for waiting. - Three years in the Republic of China.

The different learning is - once was - the largest supernatural research institution in China, which was established between a small time and a small circle of elite scholars from a certain time point from the Jin Dynasty to the Tang Dynasty. The original purpose was to follow the record produced by the "Bamboo Jane" and to contain it. Occasionally, it had to deal with items that were not recorded in Bamboo slips, but only that.

Slowly, curiosity is better than awe, and there is an attempt to understand and apply, as well as the moral criticism of the Chinese. Different learning or grasping, or causing turbulence and peace, harvest and famine, and constantly experimenting. This trend created and ruined the Kung Fu, drove away the Mongols, formed the theme of some whimsical novels (may have blown up half of Beijing), and gradually sneaked into the veil of the secret, and then buried with the Qing Dynasty Go back to the soil.

Then, as the tentacles of science extended, the remains of the different learners sorted out the piles of documents, took care of the collars, and then walked into the narrow door of the NDI.

— Chief Researcher Darkequation, "The Beginning and End of the Chinese Society (Three Volumes)", 19██, Smith-Conder Publication

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