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» Department of Personnel and Management «

Full Name: Comixer's Smith

Position: Head of Field Research Division 7

Security Clearance: 4

Description: Dr. Comix Thai-Swiss Born and raised in Switzerland with his maternal family. Having wand getting back to my father in Thailand. Katy was employed by a small research work. [Confidential information] (later co-sponsored by NDIs, sponsored by A-███ Research). In 1990, the company was contacted by NDI.

Additional Information:

Interviews from the event ████████████:

Interviewed: [PO-01 as a Interviuewed]

Interviewer: [Dr.Cominer's as a Interviewer ]

Foreword: After the incident in the disappearance of A-XXX There are some doubts about Comixer.

<Begin Log>

PO-01: Did you steal A-XXX?

Cominer's: No.
Cominer's:I Don't Know What is[Unknow]
Cominer's: And This is My proof
[Comminer's Out]
<End Log>

Closing Statement: I Think We Don't know.

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