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The following document is outdated. A-005 is no longer in GEAR custody, and has been sold to the RPC Authority. This is an archived file.

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A-005 during transportation.

Object Number: A-005

Containment Requirements: Low

Danger Level: Low

Containment Procedures: A-005 is currently located in Site-77’s standard storage wing. The object should be monitored regularly in order to detect malfunction and/or damage. Any unrecorded changes in the object should be reported to the site administrator immediately.

Description: At first glance, A-005 appears to be a standard 1.0m by 0.6m iron storage box. Upon closer inspection, the walls of the box are revealed to be a very thin layer, covering a massive amount of microscopic circuits and mechanical components. These components are highly complex and are still not fully understood by GEAR researchers.

The anomalous capabilities become apparent when an amount of matter is placed inside the box. Once fully locked closed, the box will be unopenable for approximately 30 minutes. During this time, a loud electronic buzzing can be heard from the inside of the box along with a slight vibration. Once this process has completed, the box will open, usually resulting in no change to the original material. The only known exception is when an amount of either plant matter or animal matter is placed within the box.

In the case that plant matter is inputted into the object, the result will always be a smaller amount of animal matter. The resulting animal matter is always one fourth the weight of the original plant matter. It should be noted that although mostly meat has been recorded appearing, it is also possible for live animals and other creatures to be outputted.

When animal matter is inputted into A-005, the output will always be a large amount of plant matter. The resulting plant matter is always four times the weight of the original animal matter, and usually consists of fruits and vegetables, although flowers and fungi have also been recorded.

Addendum: GEAR researchers are currently working on developing a 3D map of the object's internal components, with the hope that we will soon be able to recreate the asset with a larger container, allowing for more matter to be used in tests. It is hoped that in the future we may be able to market and sell mass produced food using the technology.

The following is the most recent A-005 test log GEAR researchers recorded.

Input Output
2 pounds of assorted, uncooked vegetables. 0.5 pounds of assorted, raw meats.
5 pounds of raw pork. 20 pounds of uncooked broccoli.
A 7 pound, living chicken. 28 pounds of living cocoa plants (the plants quickly died due to lack of water and soil).
A 5 pound piece of human flesh. 20 pounds of raw carrots
A 4 pound iron cube. The same iron cube with no change.
10 pounds of raw carrots. A 2.5 pound human hand (DNA analysis shows that it does match with any known person).
5 pounds of oak tree bark. A 20 pound, bipedal creature. The DNA matched closely with kangaroo DNA, but no recorded creatures had a direct match. The Creature was terminated without any damage to equipment or researchers.

[[collapsible show="+ The following document requires level-3 clearance to access. Input security codes…" hide="- Accepted."]]

The following documents were found at site-77 after a breach left heavy damage to the facility. The escaped asset caused a massive cave-in on the underground facility, leading to heavy damage to a lot of the equipment, including the communication devices. The only person to leave any notes was Dr. H Maylord.

My name is Dr. Maylord, and I am writing this from site-77. It has been about 4 hours since a currently unknown anomaly breached containment in the upper wing. Immediately after the breach, security escorted a group of 12 researchers and myself to the emergency bunker on floor 2, one of only 2 bunkers on the site.

The security members locked themselves inside the bunker with us and have been unwilling to tell us what breached. They also are unwilling to leave the bunker to check if everything is ok. They said that it is just “proper protocol” but I am not sure how much I believe that.

Dr. Maylord, reporting again. A day has passed since the last note. I am trying not to write too much as I do not have a lot of paper, so I will not note anything unnecessary.

Morale is quickly dropping. Normally we would not be very worried in this kind of situation because we’ve had to use these bunkers a few times in the past. The difference is that in the past the use of bunkers only lasted at most a few hours.

During these situations we are usually able to obtain a wireless communication with nearby sites, but now we have no connection at all. I am unsure if this is because of the breach or not.

Another day has passed, and one of the security agents opened the door for the first time since we entered. He left the bunker closing the door behind him. A few hours have passed and he still hasn’t returned. The other security agents attempted to contact him through radio, but he did not respond. I am not sure whether this is because of a bad connection or because something happened to him while he was out… I am hoping it isn’t the latter.

Another day has passed and supplies are starting to dwindle. The security agent that left yesterday never came back. The two remaining security agents are debating what they should do. I overheard one of them mention the standard storage wing. I have not worked in that area of the building so I don’t know what could be in there worth getting. The security aren’t willing to communicate with me on the subject. Based on maps I have seen, I think the storage wing may be fairly close to our emergency bunker. I predict we will run out of food completely within the next 2 days at our current rate of consumption. On the bright side, we still have plenty of water.

It’s been another few hours. One of the security agents left again, and to my surprise they actually came back this time. They came back without any scars or tears in their suit, which leads me to believe the breached asset either isn’t dangerous, or has already left the facility. The security are still unwilling to discuss the topic. Researcher Carlson has become increasingly anxious and erratic. He seems to be far less stable than the other members of the bunker.

The security agent likely went to the storage wing as they discussed earlier, but I was expecting them to return with food. Instead they came back with a large metal box with a “A-005” sticker on the side. I did not know this asset was in our possession at this site. I have no idea what it could possibly be for, but hopefully it produces food or something, as we are starting to get desperate for food.

On another note, the door seems to have become stuck. A security agent attempted to open the door, but it wouldn’t budge. I think something might be blocking the door from the other side.

The following note was written in a much more rapid and worried handwriting than the previous notes.

Oh god. The situation has become EXTREMELY dire. A security agent explained that the box is able to turn meat into plant matter. He said that it is our best chance of obtaining edible food before we get rescued. He also said that we would need to provide human tissue in order to produce food for the group.
Researcher Carlson attempted to escape. He ran towards the door but one of the security agents bashed him in the back of the head with the back of their knife. He was knocked out cold. This is my last note, as I will not have space to write anything else. If you are reading this, I love you Caroline. Never forget that, my sweet love.

No more notes were found inside the bunker. A rescue and salvation mission was placed on low priority as Site-77 is considered a low-value research site. Due to Site-77 being located underground and in an extremely remote location, it took a longer amount of time than previously planned to send an excursion. 2 months after the breach, task force Beta-2 "Scavengers" were able to salvage the majority of lost assets.

It appears that the upper floor caved-in and blocked the door to the floor 2 emergency bunker. After removing the blockage, Beta-2 investigated the bunker. A-005 was found and recovered without damage, as well as all of Dr. Maylord’s notes. It appears that none of the researchers or security agents survived the emergency. Only 8 corpses were found within the bunker.

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