Groups Of Interest
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Overview: The New Dawn Initiative is not the only group with an interest and investment in the paranormal and metaphysical. There are many other groups in existence who possess, use, or attempt to create Item objects, either for their own personal gain or for the protection of mankind. Some are rival organizations, some are splinter groups of the New Dawn Initiative, and some are trusted associates of the New Dawn Initiative. In any case, it has been deemed necessary to create and distribute a brief on what agencies the New Dawn Initiative knows about, and our stance towards them.

Threat ID System

Threat Level Description
ALPHA These GOIs are supposed to be friends.
BETA These GOIs are either hostile or antagonistic.
Gamma These GOIs are neutral and are intended for uninformed GOIs.

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Anomalous Phenomena Acquisition Society

Threat Levels: Alpha

Overview:The Anomalous Phenomena Acquisition Society, or APAS for short, is a group dedicated to the collection of anomalies for their own entertainment.

They are not a for profit organization, most of them have jobs and lives outside of the society, and see this as a hobby. That being said, money does not grow on trees, and there is an entry fee for joining. There are a few other ways of gaining funds, like auctions they host and lobbying in governments. Auctions vary from large to small, depending upon the items on display.

Why are they non-profit? Because every cent earned is spent on collecting/capturing items, hiring mercenaries, and paying bills. These three necessities alone consume almost all of the money gained by the society.


Research Protection Containment Authority

Threat Levels: Alpha

Overview: The Research Protection Containment Authority(RPC Authority) is a research organization that Researches, Protects, and Contains the anomalous to try to create a better world for all. The RPC Authority is run by a group of people called the Global Directors.

The RPC Authority operates in total secrecy and works to protect and maintain the veil of normalcy that mankind operates under every day. By preventing the masses from knowing the existence of The Authority and the anomalies it protects against, the world is able to function without descending into chaos. The anomalies the RPC Authority protects against can cause untold amounts of harm to the civilian populace and require eternal vigilance by the RPC Authority's part.


Amazing! Co.

Threat Levels: Beta

Overview: Similar to many bootleg companies based out of developing nations, Amazing! Co. is a company that produces miscellaneous off-brand commercial products ranging from food items, to musical instruments, to children’s toys. These items invariably possess anomalous properties and, more often than not, pose a threat to both the user and those around them. The packaging of Amazing! Co. products often resemble well-known brands, even to the extent of copying mascots and slogans. The only consistent marker of their products is the Amazing! Co. logo, which has been confirmed to be a memetic agent with the effect of enticing those who look at it to purchase the associated product despite their better judgement. The country of origin for Amazing! Co. cannot be presently determined. Manufactories suspected of being connected to the group have been discovered on every continent (with the obvious exception of Antarctica). Information shared from multiple governments has suggested that Amazing! Co. ships products to every nation in the native language of the region, and that there are obvious spelling and grammar errors in all versions of the products, no matter the language. To date, no person knowingly under the employ of Amazing! Co. has been apprehended and no person found to be selling one of their products can recall ever stocking them or meeting a representative of the company.


AEP Association

Threat Levels: Alpha

Overview: The AEP is large Multinational fringe organization operating within both the public and anomalous spheres of society. The AEPs public side is involved in many different industries including pharmaceuticals, construction, Research and Development, and arms manufacturing.

The anomalous side of the AEP follows its public side quite closely but instead specializes in the research containment and production of anomalies.


Global Enterprise for Advanced Research

Threat Levels: Gamma

Overview: GEAR is a large-scale consumer products company which employs a variety of anomalous manufacturing techniques in its factories. The CEO and operating personnel of GEAR live in intense secrecy and, it is presumed, considerable luxury, but they have demonstrated a capacity for canny negotiation and political maneuvering that has ensured the survival of the company. GEAR personnel are highly motivated, capable and, if not an immediate threat to the Initiative, willing to cross ethical, political and social boundaries to achieve their goals.

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