This document deals with various other organizations known to deal in paranormal artifacts, as well as their objectives and methods of operation.

Marshall, Carter and Dark

Overview:A “club” based in London, England. Catering to the super-rich and with extensive political and financial ties worldwide, this group has caused extensive problems for the Foundation. Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. is known for collecting rare and obscure items, along with providing its members the most exclusive, expensive, and rare experiences available.

These activities have resulted in conflict with the Foundation on numerous occasions. The group is not known for the use of force; they prefer to apply extreme financial and political pressure to achieve their goals. When forced to use more direct means, Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. employs outside agents, and it is very difficult to connect said agents to the organization.

Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. has caused several SCP containment breaches, primarily through the use of money or social pressure. Several reports, records, and even items have been leaked by Foundation personnel who had been approached with large amounts of money, or threats of extensive jail time or torture. Notably, two containment sites were almost brought to public attention after the Foundation refused access to members of Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd.

Information pertaining to Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd., such as the name of the director or even a list of members, has proven very difficult to acquire. Agents encountering members of this group are advised to maintain a cover story and not, for any reason, reveal Foundation ties or SCP information.

Doctor Wondertainment

Overview:Doctor Wondertainment, whether an individual or collective entity, is capable of producing anomalous artifacts and entities which thematically resemble children's toys. The nature of these objects and devices varies, although all were clearly intended to be utilized by children. In addition, Doctor Wondertainment is responsible for the creation of the Little Misters, anomalous humanoids altered for collectability. Dr. Wondertainment is known to have targeted Foundation personnel in the past and their feelings towards the Foundation appear to be ambiguous. See the entry of Isabel Wondertainment on the Personnel Dossier for more information.

People's Committee for the Acquisition of Anomalous Objects (China)

Overview:The People’s Republic of China, since Chairman Mao founded it in the mid 20th century, has strived in all ways to be on par with the West and other major powers. To this end the People's Republic has begun investigating and “acquiring” objects with anomalous properties to expand their knowledge and military power as well as technological capabilities. While they may seek increased power for the PRC they also do not wish to upset the status quo they operate in nor cause the apocalypse, therefore they have been known to cooperate with the Authority when required for the wellbeing of China and the continuation of Mao’s vision. Although they may not have the experience of the cabal of former GRU personnel nor the influence of the CIA, they are backed by an economic power house and have access to substantial material resources in their activities as well as manpower and a steady supply of test subjects from political internment camps.

Greene's Garden Supplies

Overview:After reports were leaked of a family that purchased a large specimen of Dionaea muscipula, commonly known as the "Venus Fly Trap", being eaten alive, an Association A.R.T. (Charlie VII) was sent to investigate. The massive carnivorous plant was purportedly purchased from "Greene's Garden Supplies" and had grown to over 10x its original size. Upon arrival, the location for Greene's Garden Supplies had been closed for months, due to a rodent infestation. Due to the availability of these anomalies, finding the source of the company is a major priority for the Association.

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