Lri 001
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The following document is outdated. A-005 is no longer in Redzone. custody, and has
been sold to the Initiative. This is an archived file.


LRI-001 could be deployed for a complete obliteration of light sources in an enclosed fixture or structure and prevent further habitation of light in the surrounding proximity. Items must never be exposed in open areas if possible. Initiate Procedure Prism-1 within 20 minutes of deployment after usage to evoke Item to enter inactive state. If Item has entered an unstable stage and Prism-1 is rendered ineffective immediately initiate Procedure Prism-Alpha-14.

Opening of Prism and deployment of LRI-001 must be done with an approval from an Alpha level personnel.
The Usage portion should describe how we use the item, how careful we should be, how to take care of it, etc.


LRI-001 is currently still under study and classified as a Null Class Item. Item LRI-001 is theorized to be an anomalous manifestation of an absence of light capable of expansion via the consumption of visible light and ultraviolet waves. LRI-001 requires a rate of consumption of light to maintain a given size larger than its default size in dormant stage prior to being exposed to light1. Item has been shown to be unable to pass through solid matter, including transparent solid objects.

If object is to undergo the stage of instability, execute Procedure Prism-Alpha-14 immediately. Details of Procedure Prism-Alpha-14 can be found in Appendix B.

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