Personal Demise Glasses

These glasses make for a very interesting conversation piece or party game. Simply put on a pair and you will suddenly see a trail imposed over the ground as if by magic! Follow the trail and you will eventually find yourself at a large "X" shape burned into the ground. Remove the glasses and marvel as the trail and "X" both disappear before your very eyes!

Sadly, the "X" does not mark an exotic buried treasure but is what we call a personal demise location. If you stand in that spot and wait a short time you will experience something very surprising but ultimately fatal.

Equipment Needed

Safety Precautions
It is recommended that customers do not stand in the personal demise location.

Shipping Method
Shipped in a high quality impact resistant plastic case.

Customer Reviews
Mr S from New York says:
I added a pair of these to another order from you just for kicks and now I use them more than my main purchase! I love putting these on, looking out the window and trying to guess how I'm supposed to die while standing on the curb there.

Mrs C from Stockholm says:
I left a pair of these on the desk and his curiosity did the rest. Thanks.

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