Queen Of The South Sea
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Description:A-002 is aperception shifting humanoid entity appearing as a woman in her twenties measuring 165 cm in height with a slim build and an approximate weight of 55 kg wearing 16th century Yogyakarta sultanate dress in four different shades of green.

A-002 shows an excellent resilience towards projectile and blunt force trauma—while unable to ignore pain she is able to regenerate missing limbs completely within 24 hours. Despite its resilience, the entity can be rendered unconscious by typical means; heavy blunt force trauma to the head and sedation has proven to be the most effective. A-002 possesses the ability to manipulate liquid matter in a 10-kilometer proximity. Oddly, the entity cannot manipulate bodily fluids (blood, sweat, etc.).

The entity alters any subject's perception of it as either a form of intimidation, lure, or camouflage mechanism. Known shapes include the following:

  • Sea serpent with serrated scales measuring approximately 10 meters in length.
  • Female researcher with facial features similar to Dr. ███████.
  • An elderly woman who appears to have Parkinson's Disease measuring approximately 145 cm in height.

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What is This?:
Omega-AN7893210 is a Queem[DATA EXPUNGED]

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