The Grandmother
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Description:A-999 is a mass of tendons and veins, that measure out to approximately 2 meters. Upon further inspection, the tendons and veins appear to be human. This 'true' form can only be seen through cameras, surveillance equipment and/or any external devices which survey video. When looking at A-999 through the naked human eye, it takes the form of an elderly lady. A-999 is sentient, and when approaching it, it will begin to smile and gesture the person to come closer. When the person is at approximately one meter from it, A-999 will offer the person candy. If the person is to refuse, A-999 will stop smiling and insist that the person ingests the candy. If at this point, the person agrees to eat the candy that A-999 is offering, it will revert back to smiling and will open its hand to reveal assorted and wrapped hard candy. It is still unknown where A-999 stores this candy, as for the bare eye it would appear as though it is pulling it out of a pocket. However, while examining this action through a camera, it appears as though it reaches into the inside of itself and pulls out a small piece of flesh.

Said 'flesh,' known as A-999-2, measures out to approximately five centimeters long and roughly two centimeters tall. After continuous studies, it appears as though this fleshy substance is a cognitohazard. It poses no threat until tasted, as it sends a shock to the human circulatory system similarly to sugar being sent around the body, which cannot be regulated by homeostasis through insulin. It would appear as though this fleshy substance contains a chemical that is not treated as a dangerous substance in the body. When A-999 has killed its victim through the cognitohazard, it will begin to drag the body into the mass of tendons and will prepare to 'eat' them slowly.

This phase can be as short as an hour or as long as five hours depending on how large or small the person is. When documenting this stage in particular, it was noted that A-999 will begin to eat the deceased person by their circulatory system first, until finally decomposing the remaining pieces of the body. In groups of two or larger, A-999 does not exhibit any anomalous characteristics and is able to eat, sleep and hold meaningful conversations with people in order to appear as an ordinary person. A-999 has the ability to run as quickly as 60 km/h, though it rarely makes use of this trait unless it is aware that it is able to escape. A-999 has shown a clear sign of aversion towards liquids of any kind. It does not, however, refuse the blood from the body of its victims.

A-999 shows a fundamental understanding of the English language, as well as a grasp on the Pennsylvania German language. A-999 is able to use its veins and tendons by purposely exerting minerals out from itself, and using the newfound smaller appendages to slip through cracks and small openings in walls. It must be noted that when A-999 is emerging from a wall or cracks, it can take up to several minutes up to approximately a half an hour, and to the naked eye the 'grandma' appearance continuously manifests as the emergence is taking place.

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