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Primary Containment & Command Facility


Established: 27th May, 1914.

Location: Area 02, 165 kilometers northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Site Occupation: Containment, Research, Medical, D-Class Holding, MST & ASF Housing & Training, VTOL AFB, Nationwide US Command and Secondary Administrative Facility.

Total Area: 225,000 m2

Background Information: Site-002 is the largest subterranean site in operation used to contain numerous Green, Yellow and Red objects. Access is through the several skygates for helicopters, VTOL aircraft, and ground vehicles not exceeding 500 tons that can be lowered by the elevator. Site-002 is powered by ██ U-235 Pressurized Heavy-water Reactors.

The massive size of Site-002 is also utilized for a secondary military hub featuring VTOL AFB, The Initiative Nationwide US headquarters, The Initiative's primary containment site and several artificially controlled climate chambers for MST and ASF training.

Offices & Wings Section

  • Administrative and Office Wing - This wing is used to manage the entire facility of Site-002 and the entire Initiative operations in the United States of America. This wing is off limits except for personnel with Level 5 security clearance, Head Researchers and/or admitted personnel.
  • Security Wing - Used to store several armaments and combat vehicles. The Security Wing also houses a large number of both Mobile Strike Force and Initiative Security Force and features an artificial climate-controlled chamber for MST training.
  • Research and Laboratories Wing - Separated into three sectors which include: Anomaly Research Sector, Biological and Chemical Sector and Technological Advancements Sector.
  • Medical Wing - Mainly used to store medical supplies for requesting sites. However, several advanced medical and surgical equipment is stationed in case of an emergency.
  • D-Class Personnel Wing - Each D-Class cell is 12 m2 in size to maximize personnel accommodation. Also features a mess hall maintained by D-Class personnel on a rotating daily shift.
  • Containment Wing - Separated into two sectors which include: Aquatic Sector and Terran Sector, in which each of the sectors are separated into three subsectors based on the object's classifications: Green Sector, Yellow Sector and Red Sector.

Site Administration

Administrative Officials:

  • Site Director: Alan Walsh Sullivan
  • Assistant Site Director: Reine Bouchard
  • Dir. of Personnel & Management: Dr. Andrew Callaghan Rogers
  • Dir. of Site Security: Col. Fenton O'Connell
  • Dir. of Garrisoned MST: Maj. Jack Alexander Bartlett
  • Dir. of Human Resources: Dr. Jonathan Bristow

On-Site Personnel:

  • Department Heads: 8
  • Administrative Assistants: 25
  • Medical Personnel: 987
  • Research Personnel: 1.497
  • Security Personnel: 7.256 (1.089 permanent, 6.167 temporary)
  • Maintenance Personnel: 1.360
  • D-Class Personnel: 2.304

Total: 12.450

Anomalies Contained

A-002 (In Site-002-A)

Anomalies Previously Contained


Incident Logs


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