Threat Levels

These are the most common Threat Levels used in NDI articles, and make up the bulk of the objects.



Green-level Assets are anomalies that require no special training in order to deal with and have low risk of injury or fatality. While Assets in this category aren’t lethal under normal circumstances they should still be handled with caution as such situations can occur if handled improperly.



Yellow-level Assets are anomalies that are capable of harming and even killing an individual if they do not have the proper training to work said anomalies. While risk of injury or fatality is significantly higher, any individual with knowledge of the asset’s effects should be relatively safe if following proper protocol.



Red-level Assets are anomalies that pose significant risk of injury or fatality to those handling them regardless of training. Assets in this category should be handled with extreme caution and carry properties that make them difficult to deal with even to those with knowledge of the asset. Even individuals specifically trained to combat these assets will still see themselves harmed or killed.

Special Threat Classes

These are specialized object classes that are used for special NDI occasions.



Neutralized Assets are anomalies that have been destroyed, no longer present their anomalous effects, or have been rendered inert by other means.

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