Wanderers S Library

Your head spins as you stumble out of the Way. Tears well in your eyes and blue dots dance over your vision. As you stand still, struggling to reorient, a man made of stone shoves past you, muttering to himself. A woman with stars where her face should be drifts through the air, clutching a bookbag. Three red, squat creatures argue heatedly in a language you cannot comprehend. And around them are the Shelves.

They seem to stretch on further than you could possibly see, further than anything you've ever seen before. A maze with no entrance or exit, enveloping everything. The volumes they contain run through every size, color, construction. The style of the Shelves is just as scattered.

You take your first step into the endless world, and the nausea fades. There's no time for nausea anymore. Not when there's a universe to explore

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